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  1. I finally made what I needed with this other mod: Regards,
  2. Hi, My situation is: I want a COD fee of 5 percent (or whichever) BUT with a MINIMAL charge of 3 euros. Right now, if I type this: cod:3:%5 The addon ADDS BOTH charges; a 5% and an extra fixed fee of 3 euros. Is there any way to achieve what I need with this addon? Thanks in advance. Regards,
  3. Hi, This Christmas we would like to let our customers choose one free product of their choise from whithin an specific category. The thing is: - The customer should be able to receive ONE product for free from a category of our choice. Just one free product per purchase. - It's not a buy one product and get 1 product free, but buy ANY product and get 1 product, of their choice, from a whole category for free. - In any other case those free products have a price. That's it. ONE is free but if the customers adds more products from that categorie those should be charged. We wondered if any of you would be willing to develop the Get-1-free mod to suit our needs. We would be willing to pay for that mod and we would be ready to share the contribution once the job has been done. Anyone interested, please, PM me. Thanks in advance, Kind regards.