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    [contribution] Store Locator

    Hi Alan, Your script is great. I like to extend 2 more selection. Start from manufacturer, product, state, city. If I imitate getcities.php and change into manufacturer and product. Then modify getstores.php and index.php. Add 2 column in the database table. Will it be possible? Can you give some suggestion? Thanks a lot, Robert
  2. roberthpchao

    Advance search result

    Hi Phil, Thanks for your reply. First of all, "advanced search" is finding the "products" table. When item has been shipped or delivered, that products_id will appear in the table "orders_products". Version 2.3.4 come with 28 products and I can "get" 28 with my trimmed "advanced search result" file. I have duplicate “reviews” and “reviews_description” tables and changed them into “retailers”. I can get result from there. (find all 4 products in that table) Then I add another product into the table. Search again. It returns 5 products. It just ignores the product_id I choose from the search drop down list. The result is always including every product. We are a wholesaler. We don’t sell anything to our customer, retailers through the website. Although it might be an option in the future, but because wholesale has monthly special, combinations, BOGO and all kinds of marketing and sales strategies. It is just not possible for the moment. Because I will not have sales history online and some retailer doesn’t want to be listed. So I must create another table, retailer table to serve this purpose. (some group purchase has multiple stores, but only one central purchase. sales history in ERP cannot even list out all the stores automatically.) I want to display all retailers in the search result. It does advertising for my customers, retailers and benefit ourselves too. I had Google map in my mind, but I put it into second schedule development. Since OSC has advanced search module, I was hoping to modify it quickly. But as you mentioned about Google map. I realized advanced search result will list alphabetically instead of nearest point. That is bad for some retailer name starting with letter y or z. I should probably change my direction. But I still like to crack the code if possible. Thanks for you input.
  3. roberthpchao

    Advance search result

    Hi, I try to create a retailer locator by duplicating and modifying "advance search". I need only 3 or 4 drop down selections, like products, manufacturers, city and state. I don't need keyword field and mandatory field. I removed those if and error scripts in the file "advance search result". But it now returns all the products from the database. Where and what did I do wrong. Modified file is attached. Please help. Thank you. P.S. I will create another table with all retailers information instead of using existing customer table. I am rather upload and refresh manually as my retailer are not the same as online customers.