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  1. If you mean two vendors with old looking, and really ugly themes... One of those either have not workinf site... Just look at theme forest. We can see over a hundred themes for opencart, presta, woo but only 3 theme for oscommerce. One of them is really applicable, but have many bugs too...
  2. I have working shop on ms 2.2 with many updates over the years, but now I have to migrate to some new engine coz OSC not improved at all... Yes you can make shop from zero< but if you just want buy some sweet theme and start - you cant do it... Its very disappointing.
  3. Maybe someone have adapted WooCommerce themes?
  4. Could you please show the example of so good looking template for oscommerce as I posted above? I have search on the app market by words "template" and "theme" and find nothimg. On google I found the one https://www.tonerpak.com.au/osc/ but they looks too simple and not "premium" (detailed)
  5. Its not secret that now OSC have a lack of nice, moderns themes, mainly beacouse only free addons can be placed on the app market. Bot there are tonns of nice smooth templates for WordPress and OpenCart solutions. Have someone try to adapt these themes to OSC Bootstrap edition? Some nice themes are free like this https://colorlib.com/preview/theme/onetech/
  6. I'm sorry, maybe it have discussed before... I have older version of iOSC and have a trouble, when I made 301 redirect from www.site.com/index.html to www.site.com/ generally for SEO purposes, I found that my mobile users cant go out from mobile version to full site, coz if I link them to /index they anyway go go / and redirecting to /mobile_index Is some solution for this here? May be in modern versions some tag if user want non-mobile vercion to use?