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  1. sincere apologies, I was expecting the URL to look clean but in fact I had not properly read the simple instructions which state: so yes, my search box read "working", where as without the contrib it would read the full crazy string.
  2. I've installed version 2.0 and nothing seems to have change, if I search using the string "[w](o)%3Cr%3Ek|i*n^g" then I get this in my URL: advanced_search_result.php?keywords=%5Bw%5D%28o%29%253Cr%253Ek%7Ci*n%5Eg&search_in_description=1 So looks like it's not working? I'm running 2.2 RC2a with STS, and it wasn't totally clear if 2.0 of this contrib was suitable for 2.2 or just limited to 2.3, so I went ahead and instaled version 1.0.2 of the contrib....and still no change. Any thoughts anyone? I know a lot of contributions need to work differently when STS is installed but I got the idea this worked fine with STS.
  3. hi the contrib seems to work fine from the admin section for me, I can move option values up/down within each option group, and move option groups up/down in relation to other option groups. Looks PERFECT. however the reflection on my catalog is not perfect. The option values as ordered within option groups is retained, but the option group ordering is not reflected. Can any suggest why? I have double checked product_info.php, and both of the 2 queries there sort by products_options_sort_order. So my code from that section reads like this: $products_options_name_query = tep_db_query("select distinct popt.products_options_id, popt.products_options_name from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " popt, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " patrib where patrib.products_id='" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . "' and patrib.options_id = popt.products_options_id and popt.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' order by popt.products_options_sort_order"); while ($products_options_name = tep_db_fetch_array($products_options_name_query)) { $products_options_array = array(); $products_options_query = tep_db_query("select pov.products_options_values_id, pov.products_options_values_name, pa.options_values_price, pa.price_prefix from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " pa, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES . " pov where pa.products_id = '" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . "' and pa.options_id = '" . (int)$products_options_name['products_options_id'] . "' and pa.options_values_id = pov.products_options_values_id and pov.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' order by pa.products_options_sort_order"); I noticed that if you have the attribute sort order contrib the last query there is sorted by attribute_sort. Not that using that helps either. Also in attributeManagerConfig.class.php is it correct that both AM_FIELD_OPTION_SORT_ORDER and AM_FIELD_OPTION_VALUE_SORT_ORDER use products_options_sort_order? Does nothing refer to the attribute_sort column created by the attribute sort order contrib? I don't see the need to install the attribute sort order contrib if the tablet column it creates isn't used. I installed it anyway. It seems this contrib uses the existing sort order columns from the 2 related tables in the DB. Incidentally, no values are being generated in the products_options_sort_order column of the products_options table. Perhaps that gives a clue. Any ideas appreciated, thanks for excellent config, presumably just missing something minor.
  4. midijay

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi Been using this contribution successfully for some time but have an issue that I wonder if any one else has spotted and solved. Basically if I create a negative value product (to create a refund for a customer), then the tax row dissappears from the order totals section. The tax is being calculated, my sub-total and total are different by the right amount, but the tax value is no longer separately shown. Make the value positive and it comes back. I really want to use negative values so that other reporting tools in oscommerce don't perceive a refund as extra income, rather it is money lost and the maths on that should be straight forward enough so long as I can successfully post negative value order. I even have code that writes "Credit" instead of "Invoice" on the invoices if the total is detected as negative. Just need the tax to show on a separate line! Thanks J
  5. midijay

    Admin Customer Search

    I have answered my own question, just needed to change the code for displaying the field: <td class="dataTableContent"><?php echo $customers['entry_company']; ?></td> hey presto, life is easier
  6. midijay

    Admin Customer Search

    Hi I was searching the forums to make another mod to customers.php, perhaps you could help. I've made a similar to change to the one above so that I can search by company name as most of our transactions are with companies. The let down of the the search results is that the tablet shows only the first/last name. I'd like to show the company name in the results. I found the relevant parts of customers.php <tr class="dataTableHeadingRow"> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_LASTNAME; ?></td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_FIRSTNAME; ?></td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_ACCOUNT_CREATED; ?></td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_ACTION; ?> </td> </tr> and modified to add a column heading as follows <tr class="dataTableHeadingRow"> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_LASTNAME; ?></td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_FIRSTNAME; ?></td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent">Company Name</td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_ACCOUNT_CREATED; ?></td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_ACTION; ?> </td> </tr> and then about 40 rows further down my code, found the results <td class="dataTableContent"><?php echo $customers['customers_lastname']; ?></td> <td class="dataTableContent"><?php echo $customers['customers_firstname']; ?></td> <td class="dataTableContent" align="right"><?php echo tep_date_short($info['date_account_created']); ?></td> so I added in this line in (naive) hope <td class="dataTableContent"><?php echo $address_book['entry_company']; ?></td> but alas it does not work. between the code for the table heading and tablet content there is a bunch of queries that (I assume) call the data to populate the tablet. So I recklessly added a.entry_company into the following query: $customers_query_raw = "select c.customers_id, c.customers_lastname, c.customers_firstname, c.customers_email_address, a.entry_company, a.entry_country_id from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " c left join " . TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK . " a on c.customers_id = a.customers_id and c.customers_default_address_id = a.address_book_id " . $search . " order by c.customers_lastname, c.customers_firstname"; I have no idea if I am making the correct approach or not but my steps seem logical. Perhaps I've added to the wrong query or need different syntax to display the field? Any help appreciated, I'm assuming someone with just a passing familiarity with the coding conventions here will spot what needs to be done and help me along my way. Thanks in advance!
  7. midijay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    sorry to bump this but has nobody else had this issue or any idea what could be causing this?
  8. midijay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    is this the fix for 2.3 or for something else?
  9. midijay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    had 2.6 working fine. this year i've added some new products and they aren't showing in my feed which is unusual. Also the expiration date it's putting in the file is 21st Jan 2011, so I'm having to do a manual find/replace before uploading the file. has anyone else hit these issues? i've gone and deleted the txt file from my feeds folder just to make sure a new one is being created which it is, but these problems are still there.
  10. midijay

    Recover Cart Sales

    hi 1st great contrib. had this working fine, for a little while, then moved to a dedicated server and although everything else in Osc works fine for some reason this contrib stopped working. Not completely mind you, it still shows the carts to recover, it's just that when you hit "send email" it takes a few seconds then just takes you back to adnim/recover_cart_sales.php as if you had not done anything. The emails don't send and the carts are still there showing as uncontacted. Has anyone come across this?
  11. ok i found in this thread the help i needed to get this working with STS so please ignore my previous 2 posts, but I do have 1 new question. IE now recognizes the main feed on my pages, that is the feed with ALL products in it. however, if i go to a category, then there is the rss button below the product listing with a link to the feed for the category, but IE is only recognizing the main feed on the page. I'm presuming it should show 2 feeds, the main one (linked to in my footer) and the one for this category? Maybe that's not how it works and I already have full functionality.
  12. a further look shows that the feed being generated is nothing like a feed at all, rss.php is producing a webpage that looks like my site but with no content in the main frame. I'm guessing the issue it STS so the real question here is can it work with STS
  13. does this mode work with STS? I've installed v2.2 but figure some of the steps are contradictory to how my templates work. My footer is in the STS template, don't think footer.php is being used (step 7), and when I add the code to the head of any root pages (step 6) e.g. index.php I don't get any feed recognized by IE. i have left optional steps 8 & 9 for now until i am happy the contrib is working. to be honest i'm not even sure what the result should be. I can see in admin that I can set the RSS icon in color or greyed out, and can set the maximum number of items in the feed, but not sure what to expect on client side seeing as I can't get a link in my footer. The code for the footer.php file does not work if pasted into my sts template either, but that's not surprising. if i point my browser to rss.php then IE just says "Internet Explorer cannot display this feed", "Internet Explorer does not support feeds with DTDs."
  14. midijay

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    hi installed the module 12 dec 2007 no problem and royal mail 1.4 no problem everything seems to have installed fine, no errors anywhere, can add tracking numbers ok. The email that goes to the customer works and the link in the email to the royal mail site works. however, within admin and within the customers order area, the spinning ajax_wait.gif does it's thing for a second or two, then all that is left in the results box is " [x] Close " the tracking number i'm using is RJ575241817GB, but i don't know if the issue is related to the tracking numnber (unlikely), my installation (11am here, see no problem with that), or with the module....perhaps royal mail have changed their website since november 2008 (likely?). to overcome the issue of modules going out of date when couriers change their site would it be an idea perhaps to opt for the on-site links to just open a new window, rather than try and embed the results. making them a little more future proof.