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  1. Fazer 101

    Item is collect only

    Worry not. Decided to go down the line of just disabling the Check out button on them products
  2. Fazer 101

    Item is collect only

    Well I am still looking for an answer to the above. I have searched the Add-Ons site till I am blue in the face. All I need to do is automatically select my pick up shipping module if the item is restricted delivery. I was looking at maybe using the weight field so if weight = 0 then select pick up only in shipping, is this possible? or has any one tried it? kind Regards Greg
  3. Sorry, worked it out just a case of me being knackered and having a dead line of tomorrow to finish the site. When I navigated to www.name.co.uk/SecurityPro_installer.php the first time it didn't fully load. But it had added some bits to the Database, if I had been a little more awake I would have noticed that there was a second page or rows for my 'config' database. Deleted the two that had been installed. Re-installed, first time with no errors. Sorry for wasting you time. Regards Fazer 101
  4. Hi, Decided to add this cont to a heavily modified site, first time round it didn't work. Un-Install didn't work in SQL so had to do it manually. I have however missed something as I now get the following error any ideas? *********** Configuration key values FWR_SECURITY_PRO_FILE_EXCLUSIONS_ON are installed Configuration key values FWR_SECURITY_PRO_FILE_EXCLUSIONS are installed You need to DROP the above installed configuration values before I can continue *********** King Regards Fazer 101
  5. Fazer 101

    Item is collect only

    Hi, New to all this but learning fast :) I have have items that I sell that are collect only as paperwork needs filling out in person. Is there a way I set these products to chose collect in person from the shipping module automatically? I have spend 3 days surfing the net to try and work this out any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. Fazer 101