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  1. Hi all, i am using v2.2 RC2 and have CCGV 5.21 installed. Need Help ........ how do i exclude special products from coupons ????? currently i guess you can only restrict to category and product........have looked through the whole forum but somehow havent come across any issue like that. Hopefully some of ya'll have an answer to this Cheers
  2. Hi I noticed alot of ppl having same issue like mine. i have installed Discount Coupon 3.33 and using Paypal Standard, Everything working fine EXCEPT for PayPal. Once coupon is entered it is calculation the discount and showing the discount correctly in the confirmation page, BUT once you continue to paypal to make payment it shows the original amt and not the discounted amount. The discount is not being passed to Paypal Standard. PLEASE HELP have been stuck with this and searched many many places but no solution. help??
  3. Hi did you figure this out?? i am facing the same issue. I have installed the discount coupon module and it is redirecting the customer to Login page on using the coupon. would be great if you can share you solution if you have one. cheers
  4. Hi, Installed the Discount Coupons contribution http://www.oscommerc...y/contributions,4269 Ok this is what is happening, when coupon is set to unlimited all working fine BUT when coupon Max use limit is set and the limit has has been used the checkout_paymant page redirects to login page (even if customer is logged in) instead of showing error please help, any suggestions ????? Cheers