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  1. krecik

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Problem is with function redirect in includes/functions/general.php It's because: when we hit + or - then javascript send ajax POST to address: shopping_cart.php?action=update&show_total=1&ajax=1 first is application_top with action=update starting and there is function that redirects us to: shopping_cart.php?show_total=1&ajax=1 this is good, but i don't know why - when - in general.php in function tep_redirect we have original: header('Location: ' . $url); we get: http://blablabla.com?param1=x&param2=y after i changed to: header('Location: ' . htmlspecialchars_decode($url)); i got correct: http://blablabla.com?param1=x&param2=y after adding htmlspecialchars_decode it stopped to changing & into & delete13 can you check your settings in this place ? now it is working ;-) in a half ;-) but rest i will try to fix tomorrow.
  2. krecik

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    after I have changed: url: encodeURI($('form[name=cart_quantity]').attr('action')) + '&show_total=1&ajax=1', into url: encodeURI($(location).attr('href')) + '?show_total=1&ajax=1', it start working , and updating correctly when i'm using + / - but there is still problem with small remove icon in cartbox -
  3. krecik

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Problem is with this: from line: 282 $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: encodeURI($('form[name=cart_quantity]').attr('action')) + '&show_total=1&ajax=1', data: $('form').serialize(), success: function(data) { $('#boxcart-total').html(data); //Hide_Load(); } }); when you click + or - in shopping cart then i have in my Apache logs: "POST /shopping_cart.php?action=update_product&ajax=1 HTTP/1.1" 302 27 "GET /shopping_cart.php?ajax=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 2061 "GET /js/jquery-oscart.js HTTP/1.1" 200 2409 "POST /shopping_cart.php?action=update_product&show_total=1?ajax=1 HTTP/1.1" 302 27 "GET /shopping_cart.php?show_total=1&ajax=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 13814 problem is with last line - look ad this show_total=1&ajax=1 - some funcion changed & to $amp; after this - when you load shopping_cart with this wrong parameter - it puts whole site into field #boxcart-total. And then we have none - in firefox - or whole site in cart box - in IE When you will comment out // $('#boxcart-total').html(data); then boxcart-total is not changing, but changing products quantity by buttons + / - is working. I don't know what is changing & to & do anyone have any idea ? The same problem is when you removing product by small remove item in cartbox. Any idea ? i have already corrected line 120, but it changes nothing. I have lot's of other mods in shop, but i think it's not only my problem :-(