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  1. Hello I have read enough information about this mod, but none managed to be very clear. I do not want control of a store's stock, but all want to have multiple stores of customers, each with its products targeted for the main store, each with its own administrative area, database and shopping cart. Example: Store 1 sells clothes Store 2 sells shoes Store 3 sells notebooks Top Shop sells clothing, shoes and notebooks My question is: 1 - The mod is installed only in directing the customer premises products for the main store or you must also install the mod in the main store. 2 - Each store has its own database. 3 - Products targeted to enter the main store in the database or the main store are stored in the source database? 4 - How to know where the product is sold in the main store. If anyone can help me thank you. Rafael
  2. I installed with success in a new store, but I'm in a store with the help Additional Images v2.2.0 installed and no longer able to accomplish it. You have a solution that works?
  3. Consegui instalar com exito em uma loja nova, porém estou com uma loja com a contribuição Additional Images v2.2.0 instalada e já não consegui fazer funcionar. Vocês teriam uma solução para que funcione?
  4. Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I installed your contribution JQzoom_v1.1, worked perfectly, but the zoom does not change almost anything in the original image, is zooming? Thank you so Rafael
  5. The image that is 400x400 sent, only by clicking to expand the use of the lightbox image is too small.
  6. Hello, I am using your contribution Additional Images v2.2.0 but I'm in trouble, the images are very small in the lightbox, I tried all the admin only that nothing worked. I'm using Automatically create image 3 Set because the module had errors and did not open the images in the lightbox. If anyone can help me. Rafael