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  1. Thank you, Jack. it looks like OsCommerce.com webmaster quit using social networks a few years ago (and I understand why ;)) ).
  2. Now trying to figure out how to contact someone from forum moderators. I see no way to do that and I do not want to use "Report" link as it is not the way to communicate with moderators.
  3. Yep, I can't get attention of the webmaster so I'll take your advice about contacting moderators here. Thank you!
  4. Hi Everyone, After long time we decided to get back to OsCommerce and made our OsCommerce extension compatible with our latest version. I did not find a way to update our current addons page and posted a new one. But after that I realized it does not support HTML tags and there is no way to edit a new addons listing either. I do not see a way to remove it even (in order to submit anew). Emailing to the site webmaster does not help. Please advise.