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  1. oh3gdo

    My database do not work?

    Mr.Phil. I have asked if my operator will back from PHP7.2 to PHP7.1. They have not answered in almost a week. Can I do PHP7.1 my self? I have no contact to my operator computer. They do not answer to the phone. They do not publish their address ( although I know it). They have well working failure information pages. I got every information back to my emai, but this is all what they do. Must I change the operator? Regards OH3GDO
  2. oh3gdo

    My database do not work?

    MrPhil Thank you for your help. I started from begin. I downloaded osC 2,3,41 full version. Open it, renamed my old catalog to catalog_old and downloaded everything to my web page. It went right. Then I start to load a new web page http://probyte.fi/catalog . Then I loaded starting page. ( public_html/catalog) Then came a default page, it was also ok. I put some name to my old database name and login and password. It went well. I made a new customer, my name, it went ok. Then I downloaded a Finnish language pack, it went ok. I put it by ftp to my web page, It seemed to run ok at language directory, there was an English and a Finnish directory. Then I stared Installation Tool, but now comes a problem. When I have entered my login and password, then came: http://probyte.fi/catalog/admin/login.php?action=process So something strarted to process, but what? It has prosessed allready there hours. Can you help me? Was a language pack done too quicly? Regards oh3gdo
  3. oh3gdo

    My database do not work?

    Oscomerce 2.3.4 === Some information HTTP Server: Apache Database server ============== Server type MySQL Server connection SSL is not being used Server version 5.6.43 MySql Community Server (GPL) Protocol vesion 10 User probyte@localhost Serve charset : UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) Web server =============== Database client version libmysql 5.1.73 PHP version 7.2.7 phpMyAdmin Version information 4.8.3 === When I try to connect to my oscommerce webshop, I get : Unable to connect to database server! I can connect to my main webpage, it works normally. I can use probyte.fi/cpanel, normally and also FTP. I have tried to correct database (probyte_db), but no help. There is also probyte_tietokanta (probyte database), but I don't know which is this. Maybe old database? It is 366MB large. How I know which database is mine? I mean can I remove that database. == What I can do? I have got always good help here- I have used Oscommerce almost 15 years. It has always worked well. I made a new Oscommerce last December. I took about two-three weeks! I must to do all my product again. Regards oh3gdo