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  1. webby70

    Need Help with "Category Tabs with Subs"

    Hi Did anybody manage to solve the language syncronization problem? When I switch to English (from german) all looks fine other than the categories part, for which the links keep pointing to German version (the categories' names themselves are corectely translated) . It happens when both Tabs and Box are selected ... and is valid for both categories in Box and Tabs Any ideas?
  2. webby70

    tabs ver 1.3

    Thanks for the tip! I have installed it now, but this is buggy too. No matter what one selects in the admin, the tabs remain there in the same, unchangeble order ......
  3. webby70

    tabs ver 1.3

    Hi were did you find the version 1.3 for this tabs menu? I have searched through the contributions and only found version 1, which is quite buggy ... Thanks
  4. Does anybody know how to show on the main page category images (with link to each category) rather than having them show only for subcategories? :roll: I would like to have the main categories images showing directly on the entry page, so that I do not have to click on the menu, but rather on the image category in order to see subcategories Any help appreciated
  5. Hi all Did anybody manage in the meanwhile to find a nice solution for this isue? A nice login interface before people can visualize the actual content of the shop? Many thanks!
  6. Hi Thanks for the suggestions! However, I would be in favour of using a more user-friendly interface, and not work with .htaccess. Something of this kind for ex: a log-in box on a normal webpage, where people can enter the id & password to get access to the real catalog. Maybe did somebody face already a similar situation? :?: Or maybe is there already a contribution to address the issue? Many thanks
  7. Hi all I need to make a 'dealer shop' and password protect it. In other words, one must 1st enter a password (which he will get from me) in order to access the catalog (this is additional to the normal 'client registration password'). Does anybody now of such a contribution, or has anyone an idea about how to achieve that? Many many thanks
  8. Hi I do need something like that: visitors should not be able to see the products in the shop (or the shop itself if you wnat) unless they register, and they must be aproved first of course. I just don't want them to see anything at all unless they login, and I should be able to aprouve them before. I have looked a bit through the old posts, and I didn't find anything suitable. Does anybody know about any contribution /piece of code which could solve the problem? Any help appreciated! Thank you very much
  9. Thanks for the tip! I've solved that finally (you were right, some blank spaces were the problem) But now I have an even nastier problem :cry: When I login as a group member (those entitled to see a discount), I can see the new price in the product listing, but once I try to order that product (so I enter the shopping-cart pace), I get the old prices back !!!!!! As this is exactely what I DO NOT want to see in the shopping cart, I wonder now were is the problem .... ?!?! Maybe some miscalcullation in the shopping-cart code !?!? I think I have redone the proces about 3 times from scratch (replacing the pieces of code with the new ones), so I really have no clue why is that happening. I am not a coder, so I can only assess the trouble is comming from the shoppping cart file .... Any help highly appreciated! Thanks
  10. Hi I have just tried to install this contribution, and although in the admin part it all apears to work fine, when I go to see the shop, I am getting something like this: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/sites/domain.com/www/shop/catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php:628) in /home/sites/domain.com/www/shop/catalog/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 67 The error appears to originate in the shopping_cart file, while anytime I replace that with the original I do not get the error anymore (but of couse, the group-prices either :( ) Any idea why is this happening? :?: Thanks
  11. If you've done what you said, it should work Check again that you have included all the required lines, as they are described in the re Readme file.. Sometimes we have to do things twice, to get them move :)
  12. well, you still have to fill in a form, but no password is required! if you want less info on the form, you can try to work on that, but I think that whatever you do, you still need a name & an address (otherwise how will you know who & where to ship the products to!??!) and an email address for confirmation .... an updated version of this contribution was already posted I think, so you may want to check the contributions section
  13. webby70

    Inventory Control Module

    go ahead and try this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,476/type,3 you can also let your visitors see the page - makes it sometimes easier for people to decide if they have a summary in front of their eyes ... (well, also depends on what you sell ...) you might want to customize it a bit to suit your needs
  14. you can give it a try! as far as I understood from the readme of the contribution, if they re-enter the name, surname and email a 2nd time, they will be 'recognized' so hopefully you will not get double entries ... But I did not personally try that .....
  15. Thanks! I finally got it working, but only after I have uploaded the files as follows: /catalog/Order_Info_Check.php /catalog/Order_Info_Process.php /catalog/Order_Info.php /catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Process.php /catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Check.php I think I have noticed somewere that the files are called once with the 'modules' part, sometimes without ... Anyway, until I have double uploaded them, it did not work ..... Took quite some work to get it done, but I think the idea behind this contribution is good.