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  1. CommercePundit

    OSCOM v3.0 Framework Optimized For PHP v5.3

    What is IMO :) I tried to send him PM but it says Harald can not accept PM. Please let me know. Thanks
  2. CommercePundit

    OSCOM v3.0 Framework Optimized For PHP v5.3

    Hi Guys, Any updates on OSCommerce 3.0 new release. We have developed 3 - 4 big stores using 3.0 and we can't wait for production version to come out. It would be nice if we get tentative dates. We almost purchased Magento but than I saw a post saying production version will come out in first quarter of January and I tempted to wait again. It would be nice if there is couple of updates every month. We used 3.0 version that came out over 1 year ago and made some nice stores (spiderofficechairs.com, KitchenAndVanityCabinets.com, vistaumbrellstands.com, lampslightingandmore.com etc..) . But now I feel I can't keep up with evolving E-commerce market unless I have communicty support with open source Shopping cart. We are team of 4 developers, where can we contribute to bring this version faster to the market? Please let us know. Thanks guys for your greate efforts. Rajan
  3. CommercePundit

    OSCOM v3.0 Framework Optimized For PHP v5.3

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and I am not PHP developer either. I am sorry if the post I am going to write her is at wrong place but I really need some help. I run 2 - 3 different web site that my team member developed using OScommerce 3.0. name of the site is www.SpiderOfficeChairs.com and www.LampsLightingandMore.com. This web site was developed only 3 - 4 months ago and we are doing very good with online business. I never realized shopping cart can be this complicated until I started my own business. Today we are facing challenge of adding lot more features in our shopping cart than what we originally started with. Developing everything on our own and testing it in Ecommerce 3.0 version takes so much of time. I need advice from Pros like you guys. 1) Should we keep developing all the features that are not available in OSCommerce 3.0? 2) Should we re-develop everything using OSCommerce 2.3 and start using thousands of tested MODS or Add-ons from community? 3) We are anticipating exponential growth in next 1 year. Should we switch to commercial shopping cart like Magento ? I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks RS