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  1. My problem: I'm from South Africa and on my site we make use of the South African Post Office to ship the items. I have a number of various categories each with products but where the weight differs between items of the various categories. There are even electronic items which is to be downloaded and where there is no shipping cost. As an example: The one categery is aromatic candles and these weigh approx 250g per candle. Another category is CD's and DVD's where the items weight approx 100 g each. With the Post Offcie there is a specific rate for parcels up to 1kg which means that with candles you can ship up to 4 units per parcel. With the CD's that becomes up to 10 units. With the rate tale facility I cannot allocated different table rates to each category, or I cannot see how to do it. To compound the problem. When items has to be shipped outside of South Africa then international carriers come into play such as UPS or DHL. This is another solution which I'm looking at. Is there a way to get around this in a simple way? I have thought about a solution as it would be nice to have more than one Table Rate available, but it seems as if I can only activate one module of a kind. Any ideas please.
  2. I'm a newbie to oscommerce. I'm a Joomla man but had to opt for a native product for my next project. It seems as if this is the module I would like to use, but... And I repeat, I'm a newbie... How do I install a module in the OsCommerce from the admin side? Can any body give some help here.
  3. I am new to OsCommerce. How do I install contributuions and/or add-ons to oscommerce? The question might have been answered already so please forgive me for repeating it.