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  1. My client wants US customer to contact them directly for a shipping quote before proceeding with order confirmation. Is there an add-on for 'custom messages' to appear relative to the country shipping address requesting customers to contact us for shipping quote? I know this seems like a strange way of doing it, but I have explained to client there are better alternatives, but he's adamant that it's to be done this way.
  2. Caggzer

    IBrowser - Can't upload images.

    Think it would be best if I upgrade to the latest TinyMCE. I'm using one from 2006. Can anyone direct me to a site with the upgrade and upgrade instructions?
  3. Caggzer

    IBrowser - Can't upload images.

    Hi Zelf Yeah, on both Mac and PC Is there an alternative to IBrowser I can use with TinyMCE if I don't find a solution.
  4. Anytime I try uploading an image to a page with IBrowser I get the following error "No image is selected". It's the same for Firefox, IE and Safari. I also have applied the relevant permissions. Can you help?
  5. How are people getting on with this module? I see the URL's provided above are not working. Does the fact that Wipmania is down have an affect on this module?