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  1. it worked! merci beaucoup!!
  2. great, thanks! so, just to make sure - i can delete all the 1.7 million files in "sessions" and just leave the folder empty, yes? i'm quite anxious ;-) do i have to just do this from time to time? will those files keep piling up again? merci!
  3. hello again it seems the trouble i have with the notification emails has indeed something to do with my server / provider. now my oscommerce shopped stopped working altogether sending me a "1142 insert ..." warning. i can neither login into my backend, nor does the frontend / shop appear anymore. just talked to my provider and the problem is that my database has exceeded it's limit of 1gb. so i was looking through the database and noticed a folder named "sessions" which has 1.1gb alone. it is filled with around 1.7 million files named like this: sesskey: 013cd4dfbde0cf3f3fa8e76adf4ba439 / expiry: 1555101834 / value: sessiontoken|s:32:"a214357d9eebd7a36954f08e9f3f478... does anybody know what those files are? can (some of) those be deleted? at first i wanted to delete product pictures, but realised the entire folder of my shop is just 150 mb in size, so i have to make room somewhere else in the database. any hints would be much appreciated! daniel
  4. @ArtcoInc thank you! it seems the other script worked. i got the following message in my browser: Mail function succeededMail function succeeded with -f parameter and i received 2 emails. so does this mean the problem is with oscommerce as the other thread suggests? cheers!
  5. @ArtcoInc thanks for the reply and patience. i ran the script now and received this error in my browser:- Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?' in /homepages/39/d26756199/htdocs/catalog/email_test.php on line 2" but unfortunately i received no emails. in my shop configs both the "email from" and "send extra order email" have the same domain as the shop. so i guess i will give my host a call tomorrow and see if they have something to say. cheers!
  6. thanks for the clarifications. unfortunately, so far i had no luck fixing the notifivation/confirmation problem. i am quite sure everything is in order on my part and my server/provider hasn't made any relevant changes either.
  7. when browsing the other thread and seeing screenshots posted by other oscommerce users i noted that in the "E-mail Options" in my shop the option "Send HTML or Text Invoices to Customers" is not there at all. any idea why that is? was it never there? did it disappear all of a sudden? i was using the shop like it is for almost 8 years and until last tuesday everything was working just fine, then it just stopped sending out order notifications & confirmation emails.
  8. thanks! i will look into possibile changes with my provider. and, no, my customers don't get emails anymore either.
  9. dear all i just realised that my oscommerce shop v2.3.3.4 stopped sending me email notifications informing me of new orders. has anyone ever had this problem? obviously i checked my email server, spam box etc, but it seems that the shop just stopped sending the emails. any help much appreciated! daniel
  10. thanks! yes, i figured that an update might be the way to go. and thanks for the hint to post it in the commercial area. that's my way, i am just too afraid to make mistakes. i installed the basic version myself and managed all design-changes by trial-and-error and sheer luck. all deeper changes and the more complicated adjustments were done by someone from here in exchange for some money. cheers!
  11. hello dear community, i am using OSCommerce v2.3.3.4 as my webshop and am happy with it in general, but would like to get it to work on mobile phones too. what can i do? i am a bit hesitant to update to a newer version, since i am afraid to loose all the design-changes i made. please bear in mind that i am quite ignorant about programming and have little to no knowledge about the admin-end of things, so any help or hints would be much appreciated! cheers!