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    Easy questions here...

    Well, I have not figured out much more yet. I am waiting for osCMax 2.1 to come out before I continue. (a week for the beta!) However, Paypal integrates with UPS for sure and I think USPS perhaps. IDK, I don't have anything outside of a sandbox or a personal account setup yet. Would anyone like to chime in about shipping procedures and such.
  2. When I use Paypal Payments Pro or Express when I click continue or confirm (depending on the payment type selected) the site either logouts the user then goes to the login screen or back to the cart with the contents cleared. When I use Paypal standard everything goes through just fine to the sandbox server. I restored an old backup of oscom which was a near virgin install and it did the same thing. Oh, version 1.0 on both modules. I am waiting for the step by step install instructions to come out for the newer one. Any insights to this? Thanks.
  3. Propaganda

    Easy questions here...

    Hi all Ok, so from what I gather the shipping mods/addons just give live rates for orders then whom ever processes the orders on my end actually goes to UPS/USPS/FEDEX (website) and enter the info there to attain a label and tracking. Is this right? Or do the mods/addons setup all that for you and you just go the shipping website after the fact to print out the labels and copy/paste the tracking number into a confirmation email for your customers? Is there something in place where the payment/shipping information and tracking number/shipping label/confirmation emails/ are processed all in one shot? Or do I just have to accomplish that through an assortment of addons? I just want to ask before I take the few days to install the addons. such as USPXML_v1_3_7, uspsShippingWDeliveryTimeAndInsurance, Package Tracking Plus 2_2, order_editor_5_0_9. Side question would paypal interfere with any of the shipping mods? any suggestions would rock the socks.