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  1. Rob1962

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hmmmm , nobody?? For now i have set my error_reporting level to 0 to stop the files from being filled up so i can address this in a later stage as this site needs to go live asap , but it seems to me that more people will have this problem and a solution has to be found sooner or later. Is there maybe a update coming to correct this PHP 5. .. problem? ( as i understood that it has to do with the change to PHP 5...) Gr, Rob
  2. Rob1962

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi all I know i asked this before but it´s still not resolved. I get a error log ful with: [21-Dec-2010 16:18:33] PHP Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/includes/functions/dynamenu/lib/layersmenu-common.inc.php on line 487 [21-Dec-2010 16:18:33] PHP Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/includes/functions/dynamenu/lib/layersmenu-common.inc.php on line 793 I already changed the "ereg_replace" om line 793 into "preg_replace" but this gives this code: [21-Dec-2010 16:22:42] PHP Warning: preg_replace() [<a href='function.preg-replace'>function.preg-replace</a>]: Empty regular expression in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/includes/functions/dynamenu/lib/layersmenu-common.inc.php on line 793 If i change ereg-replace in line 487 into preg-replace it gives a error in my browser (FF) ; LayersMenu Error: setMenuStructureString: empty string. Halted. I already installed a contribution to get everything working in PHP 5.... but this still keeps popping up. I seem to have this on several lines , what do i do as this fills up the error log quite rapidly as it uses about 12Gb in 2 days of my webspace. Many many thanks for all help you can give me. Gr, Rob
  3. Rob1962

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Well , i solved the problem by just creating the table in a new file and copy the code into the correct(i hope) file ;-) Altho i do not understand why it does what it does it is a workable situation! Gr, Rob
  4. Rob1962

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi all Here comes a noob question so please bear with me. I have STS4.6 installed on RC2 and now have made some extra pages with Bill Kellum´s contri for making extra pages. I have 3 languages and i have made a new page for each language. What i would like to know is : how do i put in a Table and design these pages as in Dreamweaver , when i put in a table in design view it doesn´t show up on the website , but when i put a table in in code view i have no idea what it looks like in real life and it doesn´t show up in design view. I have been reading the manual and on the forum but i just don´t get it. Any help is greatly apriciated. My website is HERE , have a look at the pages in my header navigation ( only " Códigos VIN " has something in it) Greets, Rob
  5. OK , for everybody with the same problem.  is the Byte Order Mark (BOM) of the Unicode Standard , and it shows up if a page is saved in the wrong way. In this addon the file :sts_template.html is saved as a dos\windows file were it should be saved as a UTF-8. If you have the same problem than download the file with ftp and use Notepad++ or similar to check the file and save it as a UTF-8 file , than upload it to your server and your done. This worked perfect for me , just save the file first before you start doing things to it ;-). btw , i know sh*t about this stuf therefor , if i used wrong names or expressions , don´t kill me ,it will work anyways........ ;-)
  6. Rob1962

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Hi , it took me a while to find this out but if i try the "preg_replace" the menu itself keeps working but it doesn´t point to the products anymore , ie , it doesn´t open other pages etc. When i look at the bottom of the browser , were the webaddress is shown it just shows a "#" at the end instead of the number of the product. Any ideas about this? Many thanks in advance, Rob
  7. Found it!!!!!!!!! , wel , at least a part of my problem , i found that i was editing the wrong template file :blush: :blush: :blush: Now i just need to find out were this "  " is coming from as it is only in the info pages/new pages. And i need to find out how i can make the links in the header switch to the different languages. If somebody can help it would be great as i have no clue on how to do this. Many thanks in advance. Rob
  8. Hi In the STS_user_code file i have this line of code: $sts->template['urlworkshop'] = tep_href_link(FILENAME_WORKSHOP, '', 'SSL'); $sts->template['workshop'] = '<a href=' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_WORKSHOP, '', 'SSL') . ' class="headerNavigation">' . 'Workshop' . '</a>'; Can anyone tell me if this is correct because i am not sure on what the "urlworkshop" should be or what it does. Thanks, Rob
  9. Me again In shame that is , as i just found the template for these " newpage " pages , :blush: :blush: Only thing is , when i change something in that template , nothing happens in the pages itself. Now i assume that i need to change these pages individualy , rigtht? So , the only thing now is to find out how to get the page names in the header to change with the chosen language. If someone has a idea about that one than please help me! And maybe you can also explain what i use this : $urlmynewpage for and were to put it. I have been reading in the STS manual and on the forum for a couple of days but i can not find the answer. Regards , Rob
  10. Hi all It seems my problem is in the information pages as on the categorie pages , the product pages and the cartpages the header and footer etc. are working , but as soon as i go to one of the info pages it uses the standard header and footer. On the page it actualy tell me :" This is the default template." and " This is the text link for newpage.php " I am sure that all the templates are set to true in admin. Also i have some strange things in the upper left corner of the screen on the info pages , like this -  -, how / were do i take that away? Can someone point me in the right direction please as i have not a clue on were to start looking for this. Regards, Rob
  11. Some more info. It is not only at the new pages but it seems to be at all my pages exept the index page , i must done something very wrong here :-(
  12. Hi Some extra info; it does find the pages in the right language , it is just the link in the header that stays in english. The problem with the template is that it is not using the header and footer from STS but only the header and footer defined in the `newpage` file. Gr, Rob
  13. Hi all I have sts4.6 running and now installed the `add new pages` contri from the STS Powerpack list but some things are not working as expected. 1) i made links to the new pages in the header but these stay in english , and i have 3 languages , how do i make the links display in the correct languages?. 2) it doesn´t seem to use the sts4.6 templates but a template of it´s own , how can i make this contri use the sts templates? My website is here Many thanks in advance for your time. Gr, Rob
  14. Rob1962

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Also, as Rob has just asked, I have no idea as to where does the "What's New Here?" title, that is displayed on my shop home, come from? Thanks, Dan I found that on the "index.php" file , somewere near the bottom - on line 313 - this function gets called , i just deleted it but left the td thingies like this: <tr> <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> [i][b]( <<<in here was the code)[/b][/i] </tr> <?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS); ?> It now works without the whole " whats new" field. Gr, Rob
  15. Rob1962

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Bill Thats the one!!!! , i found what i needed , also i must be in need for new glasses tho ;-)