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  1. ghostplanetllc

    Easy Populate Not Adding Products To Categories

    I cant find the forum your talkin about. How is your feed goin now? Its like 4 in the mornin. When I get up im gonna do some research. We well get to the bottom of this. I can't beleive this headach man. Everything else is workin great accept this category crap...
  2. ghostplanetllc

    Easy Populate Not Adding Products To Categories

    My fault not the product but the category in the data feed. It wont let me edit my own text. LOL
  3. ghostplanetllc

    Easy Populate Not Adding Products To Categories

    So as far as the categories go, its sayin that in the data feed, we need to put the products in ourselves in the data file? Wow. Ill try it. as far as the subcats go.. I dont know yet. Ill take a look at that post as well. Did they show an example on how to format it? Do you know how?
  4. ghostplanetllc

    Easy Populate Not Adding Products To Categories

    Im having the same issue... I was directed to the Easy populate forum but I haven't found the answer yet........ http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/162244-easy-populate-products-attributes/ is the forum... Lets stick togeather because I cant seem to reach someone who knows because from my understanding, everyone on here does not use easy populate but when I asked what data feed system like EP is used by them or anyone, they act like they are too good to tell.... Im starting to get upset.
  5. ghostplanetllc

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hello, Ive been looking everywhere for someone that can help me with EP. If this topic has been listed somewhere, I cant find it for the life of me but it seems that EP is not listing categories when I load the data feed. The data feed is coming from a dropship company that made the feed for oscommerce and EP but when I split the file then load the file in ep, and view the website the items are only listed on the homepage of the page.. Please assist me or direct me to forum that can assist me in this. I have the newest verson of EP. The result after loading the file as this... | LW201-1AV | images/LW2 | Casio LW20 | Resin Case | 9.66 | 1 | 10 | Casio | Watches | Women watc | Casio (lad | Taxable Go | Active Updated | T25771 | images/T25 | Timex T257 | Stainless | 34.17 | 1 | 242 | Timex | Watches | Women watc | Timex (lad | Taxable Go | Active Updated | PU00031200 | images/PU0 | Puma PU000 | Stainless | 49.00 | 1 | 12 | Puma | Watches | Women watc | Puma (ladi | Taxable Go | Active Updated | EV0265-199 | images/EV0 | NikeSun EV | <br /&g | 67.83 | 1 | 2 | NikeSun | Watches | Unisex & o | Nike (othe | Taxable Go | Active Updated | T5E951 | images/T5E | TIMEX T5E9 | Stainless | 28.47 | 1 | 10 | TIMEX | Watches | Women watc | Timex (lad | Taxable Go | Active Updated | AW80V-3BV | images/AW8 | Casio AW80 | Stainless | 17.07 | 1 | 15 | Casio | Watches | Men watche | Casio (men | Taxable Go | Active Updated | BG23F-8AV | images/BG2 | CASIO BG23 | <br /&g | 45.59 | 1 | 1 | CASIO | Watches | Unisex & o | Casio (oth | Taxable Go | Active Updated | t47012 | images/t47 | Timex t470 | Stainless | 28.47 | 1 | 28 | Timex | Watches | Men watche | Timex (men | Taxable Go | Active Updated | T5K020 | images/T5K | TIMEX T5K0 | <br /&g | 28.47 | 1 | 45 | TIMEX | Watches | Unisex & o | Timex (oth | Taxable Go | Active Updated | 201789BKTI | images/201 | Armitron 2 | <br /&g | 37.05 | 1 | 50 | Armitron | Watches | Unisex & o | Armitron ( | Taxable Go | Active Updated Please advise me on what the issue may be... PLEASE! Thanks
  6. ghostplanetllc

    No categories loaded

    I've honestly been looking through this forum for 3 days looking for this answer but im finding that no one is getting help AT ALL on issues im trying to get worked out. If you know were to find the answer to my question on here, please let me know or please help me on this. I have everything working on my oscommerce site accept one huge issue. I cant get the data feed using Easy populate to insert new categories or even input the item in to an existing category. What could be the issues? I've re installed the site and EASY Populate twice. The data feed is from a dropshipping company that created the EP file just for oscommerce but the items only show up on my main page at /category/index.php and there were not categories inserted... If you are a administrator please understand that i've look everywhere for this topic with no luck. I've also seen administrators or builders act smart to people asking questions on here (which is what this thing is for) replying to them to find the topic. I've looked, Ive even seen the topic with no responses for what ever reason you guys decited to ignore them for. Please help me or point me to where I can get answers. I think this program is great and free but its no reason that we should not get questions answered if they are stupid or not and for where the user asked a question that is listed somewhere else, tell them where or something. Everyone is not a genius like you. Thanks much Kas