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  1. artful

    Article Manager v1.0

    OK the solution : Start over. (1) In mysql delete your Article manager configuration then configuration group entries (2)Be sure that you have Header Tags SEO 3.2.4 (the latest) installed - if not install it ,(3)Then install the latest Article Manager by Jack (1.57.5a) using the full sql file, (4) Before touching your new Article manager go to Header Tags and as Jack said fill in the articles.php and authors.php pages -essential!, (5) Then go to Articles Manager and fill in at least one author, (6)Now go to create a Topic, (7) Once the topic created create your articles for that topic... it works in both languages! In my opinion there was a problem with a corrupt installation, at least in mine so give it a try. Barbara
  2. artful

    Article Manager v1.0

    You are right. It works only for the first 5 or so and then no longer updates the database. So the problem still exists for multilanguage support! Why it works for a few is a real mystery to me. I will keep looking for a solution as for the moment it is useless for multilanguage shops. Barbara
  3. artful

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, No new version uploaded....
  4. artful

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi, I posted my admin/articles.php with the modifications to make the multiple languages update in the admin area. See it at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1709 . Jack, excuse me for posting it in your add-on as I know you do not appreciate playing around with your contributions (that we all love!) but as so many have this problem I hope this fix is OK for you. thanks again for this awesome contribution. Barbara
  5. Hi, your error was that you replaced the code whereas you were to plae it AFTER so that it would look like this: ************************************************************************************ $action = (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['action']) ? $HTTP_GET_VARS['action'] : ''); // Ultimate SEO URLs v2.2d // If the action will affect the cache entries if ( preg_match("/(insert|update|setflag)/i", $action) ) include_once('includes/reset_seo_cache.php'); *************************************************************************************** In essence you edited out the actions! Barbara
  6. Hello, As I have the Soldout add-on working on a couple sites your problem surely comes from an error in the installation process. Go through each step of the installation carefully. If afterwards it still does not work PM me and I'll look over your files. Barbara
  7. artful

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi, a couple things... "goog1e#####" is a worm and if you go into your includes/languages/each language you have/cookie_usage.php you will probably find strange code. If so destroy them and put fresh copies in. This worm appears often when image files are set to 777. Now I am not just referring to the folder but also to each image. The folders should be 755 and ALL images 644. On some servers I noticed that uploaded images are automatically set to 777 as so go unnoticed so the image directory on those servers have to be regularly followed (with Filezilla you can click on the upper right Permissions twice and it will order the images in descending order so you can spot the 777s right away. Note also that an image folder set at 755 but has the images at 777 will not show the images so verify them first. Second, no hoster in his right mind today obliges 777 permissions!!!!! All 777 files are writeable by anyone so no matter what security you have you will go under!!! If after all attempts fail you can only have 777 permissions as mentioned above leave your hoster fast. Then, before uploading to another hoster verify all files against vanilla osc files to find strange code and any suspicious images files that could bring the worm with it. Hope this helps. Barbara
  8. Here you go : Hope this helps!
  9. artful

    Product Extra Fields

    Hi Kurt, Looks like you forgot to create the table in your database. You should have a sql file in the contribution which you need to execute on your database table, and also declare in your /includes/database.php file and probably filenames.php. Barbara
  10. It is all in your catalog/stylesheet.css. There is a contribution which gives you a commented stylesheet so you can find all the lines you want to change - categories, center text, etc. Barbara
  11. artful

    Extra fields

    Hi, You have Products Extra Fields and also Availability to solve your issues! Barbara
  12. OK, can you send me the above mentioned files in a zip file to my email in my profile (just click to the left on my avatar and you will be taken to the page to email me)and I will see if they are corrupted or if we need to look at other files to sort it out. It is surely somrthing simple but we have to find the right files. Barbara
  13. Hello Eve, Have you added contributions that modified your includes/header.php, account.php, password_forgotten.php, advanced_search.php, includes/general.php or includes/html_output.php, or have you added a new image function ? Probably in one of your recent add-ons you made or missed a modification that affected certain functions. The "headers already sent" problem commes from sessions so an add-on could have falsified the correct function. Check your last add-ons carefully, if not let me know and we will look at the files together. Barbara
  14. Hello again, You have possibilities like "Customer Add Product" and again "Quotes" which both allow the customer to ask for a non existant product that you (Quotes) or they (with Customer Add Product) can add a new product to be purchased. If you have a link to your site I'll take a look at what you already have and see what others might fit with it, or how to totally reconstruct with Iscommerce 2.2.RC2a. Barbara
  15. Hello Justin, With oscommerce 2.2.RC2a shopping cart there are a lot of add-ons that could be adapted to your situation. Take for Example the add-on Quotes which allows the customer to ask on line for a cost estimate and on the admin end allows you to create the detailed estimate which in effect becomes a bill for him to pay. You simply adapt it to your personal situation. Works great! Also for inventory tracking you have QTPRO which is useful too. And of course you can personalize your invoices as well with other add-ons. Any other help needed? Barbara