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  1. I just did some trouble shooting, and found out that the only way it DOESNT work is when you do not include the code into the sub total. If you leave it out the TOTAL does not change, only when you combine it with the sub total.
  2. I checked all the files, and they are the same. The system is displaying the coupon code in the checkout confirmation page, it's just not calculating it into the total. It shows how much the discount is 'Discount code [VIDEXP] applied - -$24.00 but the total still stays the same.
  3. I am using this contribution, which is really good by the way! I have one problem though. I have installed everything perfectly, and when you go to checkout it displays the discount, but it doesn't GIVE the discount.. What I mean is, it calculates how much of a discount it SHOULD give, but the order total still remains the same as if the discount weren't applied. Anyone know a fix for this?