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  1. Dear osc team and "forumers" Writing here to ask you about how to charge shipping cost according to weight. Guess youre a customer so if you buy 1kg or less you pay 7.5 but if you buy 2 kg you pay 7.5 + 0,44 and if you buy 4 kg you pay 7.5 + 0.44 + 0.44 + 0.44. First kg of weight is always 7.5 rest is add 0.44 by kg. Any idea how to get weight of product as variable and calculate? Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you very much. I would like to ask you for an exmaple on how to change the bg and text color to contactus.php for example from the style sheet. If its not very annoying and you dont mind, so I can make up how to do it with rest of files / section. The whole site is black but the box where the php is executed is white. Thank you again
  3. Hi this is my first post in the oscommerce community. I hope to catch up soon and help. My problem is I'm preparing a web with oscommerce to sell electronics. The customer wants a dark site so for example advanced_search.php contact_us.php and so on gives you a white background in the table and black text. Is it possible to change everything of this from the .css? Or should i change it in every php file? I have been watching css code, and sections appears but nothing about colors. And when I try to do it from php file in <tr> bgcolor etc... I dont get nothing different from white or better said, nothing changes. Hope someone could help. Thanks in advance!