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    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    From what I have researched their is no integration module for OSC; for this type of integration to Quickbooks. Something everyone should know when searching for a ecommerce platform.
  2. rmanbike

    best add-on for separate price per customer?

    HI, I downloaded this module, but was unable to find install instructions. Can anyone help with this install? Thanks!
  3. How difficult is it to add a wish list on the shopping cart page? So instead of checkout have option to add to wish list?
  4. The products that I am selling varies in weight from about 2 lbs up to more than 300 lbs. Having installed MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping, I am trying to understand how I can set the shipping costs by weight calculation. By that I mean a simple calculation of total weight x costs per pound = shipping costs for that shopping cart order.