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  1. I have a modified osc 2.3 with additional tables that allow a customer to modify products and add options. So when a order is placed in shopping cart the complete description and any modifications / options is added to a product this is all showing in the shopping cart. But when checking out with paypal either live or sandbox it returns error ; your shopping cart is empty. I check the database and see that orders_products table is not being populated. Seems like this just started occurring after upgrading to the latest paypal module PayPal App v5.018
  2. From what I have researched their is no integration module for OSC; for this type of integration to Quickbooks. Something everyone should know when searching for a ecommerce platform.
  3. I have downloaded the modules and checked the documentation, but im trying to understand how to get the modules installed. Im using plesk not sure I need to install all the files that way or from osc admin. In admin not sure how to install?
  4. Error Message The certificate has expired. Please use a valid certificate. Error
  5. Hi allaboutwicker, Thanks for this reply, I should add that in trying to find the latest mysql backup and sorting through that I ended up renaming the database. I wonder if that might also have something to do with this error.
  6. Ok, got it their, actually was looking for it in the database as a field? Connecting over ODBC , setting up a off-line DB for OSC.
  7. How do I get OSC to tell me when (actual date) that a customer / user first created their account?
  8. Getting this error when I click on "edit" any products that I have on our website. This only started after restoring the website on hosting server. As the previous server's upgrades was incompatible with current php versions of the Osc 2.3 This is first time I have ever seen this error. Checked the DB and unable to find any missing tables? ASN is the database name. 1146 - Table 'asn.products_images' doesn't exist select id, image, htmlcontent, sort_order from products_images where products_id = '409' order by sort_order [TEP STOP]
  9. Now that I looked in the right directory, this is contents of .htaccess # $Id: .htaccess 1775 2008-01-09 19:26:55Z hpdl $ # # This is used with Apache WebServers # The following blocks direct HTTP requests in this directory recursively # # For this to work, you must include the parameter 'Limit' to the AllowOverride configuration # # Example: # #<Directory "/usr/local/apache/htdocs"> # AllowOverride Limit # # 'All' with also work. (This configuration is in your apache/conf/httpd.conf file) # # This does not affect PHP include/require functions # # Example: http://server/catalog/admin/includes/application_top.php will not work
  10. Long story short, I have been unable to login to admin after a fresh install of site. Hosting on a vps Apache and plesk. I don't remember seeing this file in admin before: /.htpasswd_osCommerce and the file was actually empty so I deleted it. But that still didn't help with logging into admin. Tried resetting password by Login to cPanel, and go to Databases -> phpMyAdmin Click on your OSCommerce database on the right On the next screen, click on the Administrators table Edit the record for the username in this table Replace the contents of the password field with this, then click Go: 6cdd7c57450225fac77427f5962bb726:40 But still getting the same error as before and also I not see htaccess file? LOST Error: The maximum number of login attempts has been reached. Please try again in 5 minutes.
  11. HI, I downloaded this module, but was unable to find install instructions. Can anyone help with this install? Thanks!
  12. How difficult is it to add a wish list on the shopping cart page? So instead of checkout have option to add to wish list?
  13. The products that I am selling varies in weight from about 2 lbs up to more than 300 lbs. Having installed MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping, I am trying to understand how I can set the shipping costs by weight calculation. By that I mean a simple calculation of total weight x costs per pound = shipping costs for that shopping cart order.