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  1. rmanbike

    orders written to OSC admin but not to database

    After checking in cpanel I see that my host is still using PHP version 5.6. This one of their responses on this issue: If you remember we did face issues during the migration of the website to web21 server. Your site was moved from a Linux-Plesk server to a Linux-cPanel server. Please find an update from that ticket.---The domain was moved from a Linux-Plesk server to a Linux-cPanel server which can cause several compatibility issues. This issue does not seem to be with the database. The database connectivity is fine and we have also checked it by recreating the databases same as that in the old server. We believe that there can be some path reference in the site files or databases which you will have to check with the developer. The site is moved to a new platform. You will have to contact a developer to make the site compatible in here. One of such incompatible entry we noted is in the table "configuration" where the Log Destination is given "/var/log/www/tep/page_parse_time.log" which is a location in Linux-Plesk servers. Hence it is better to consult a developer and make the site compatible in the new platform which will fix the issue.---The ticket for the migration task was QDG-218663 The .htaccess file in the admin****** directory was renamed to fix an issue with the url https://www.icustomsofa.com/*********As suggested the best possible was ahead would be to contact a developer and check this.
  2. rmanbike

    orders written to OSC admin but not to database

    Thanks very much Ambassador and MrPhil, I have contacted my host about downgrading to PHP 5.6 and I do understand about the need to use most recent versions of software. BUT that is going to require much expensive, time and resources, something that is just not available for me now. I know and remember that it was working with this version of PHP. I cant help but think about this proverb or saying: If it works dont fix it!
  3. I believe all data is being populated on the OSC admin side, but when I go to cpanel / myphpadmin / to view the database, looks like since about 2016 their are no new records. Been using OSC for past 10 years, Started out with OSC 2.2 then updated to 2.3 about 6 years ago. Its a very customized build to order solution. I have had multiple developers work on this website, but one main developer that was the original developer worked on it last, about 4 years ago. Because of stroke I had 3 years ago, I move the website from a VPS to shared server. I dont think it has worked correctly since. And because of the results of the stroke, I had to stop taking orders. I did not make any other changes to the website, but noticed that I wasnt getting any orders after that, which was ok because I couldnt build the orders anyway. But now that I have gotten better, able to work some, I also have had 2 orders recently. None of which are in the database. But I can see the orders and other customers that have signed on in OSC admin. Checking log php errors are many and have attached. Should I go to my developer first or website host? PHP error log.zip
  4. rmanbike

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    From what I have researched their is no integration module for OSC; for this type of integration to Quickbooks. Something everyone should know when searching for a ecommerce platform.
  5. rmanbike

    best add-on for separate price per customer?

    HI, I downloaded this module, but was unable to find install instructions. Can anyone help with this install? Thanks!
  6. How difficult is it to add a wish list on the shopping cart page? So instead of checkout have option to add to wish list?
  7. The products that I am selling varies in weight from about 2 lbs up to more than 300 lbs. Having installed MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping, I am trying to understand how I can set the shipping costs by weight calculation. By that I mean a simple calculation of total weight x costs per pound = shipping costs for that shopping cart order.