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  1. Hi I am at step 15j of version 3.01 In my file: admin/categories.php I have below code: But EPF Step 15j suggested to replace above code with: Can anyone tell me how to add the Header Tag bit of codes into the New Block? Thanks
  2. dontlike2pay

    member approval for OSC v2.3.1

    im looking for it too :) anyone advice? thanks
  3. dontlike2pay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Jack Thanks for your update and really appricate you are working on this little codes during your holiday. I am wondering when you finish this and will it be a new contribution, or you are just going to merge it into your google feeder contribution as an update? Just easier for me to keep a track. Thanks Kai
  4. dontlike2pay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    HI Jack In one of my forum post, you mentioned that you are working on something to easily create extra field to work with your Feeder contribution without adding bunch of codes. I am wondering if you had time to finsih it yet? If you did finish it, where can I find this modifications? Just a reminder in case you forgot where you mentioned it: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/376182-help-needed-extra-product-fields-301-with-header-tag-seo/page__view__findpost__p__1587647 Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Kai
  5. Hi Jack Thanks for your reply. I will wait for your new contributions which will defo work better with your datafeed addon. Took me an hour to compare stock osc2.1, my heavily modified osc2.1 and with codes the instruction privided to get to step 15j. And after your first reply, I rolled back to pre-EPF 3.01 backups. I do have all the way upto step 15j backup tho, but I found it is extremly heavily and extensively coded contribution, I see this can be a problem in future as EPF changed large amount of codes and made osc2.1's codes aint as standard when trying to add more addons later on. ( I am not saying EPF3.01 is not standard code, I am just saying the way the addon wrote, it may create problem for me to add more addons in future). Looking forward to hear from you (Jack) regarding the Extra Field to work with your froogle datafeed. Thanks for your reply. Kai
  6. Hi Jack The reason im using this addon is to make some field to contain 'brand' 'EAN' etc to work with your contribution: Froogle data feed. As you may remember that in one of the forum post I menetioned that google generates error message as I do not have enough info provided in the datafeed file. After your reply to this post, I think my problem return to ground ZERO. I still need some extra field to work with your 'auto froogle data feed' contribution. Can you advice a contribution that I can use? Thanks
  7. dontlike2pay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Mo I guess I supposed to install another addon like Extra Product Field to accommondate new values like ISBN, MPN, BRAND, etc... However, as your reply quoted above, thats what I wanted too. MPN directly taken from 'product model', Brand value taken from 'manufacturer'. I modified all 'manufacturer' text to 'brand' long before google changed their policy on the datafeed. So in my store, I have already used product Brands to replace all Manufacturers. Stock osc have 'search manufacturer', mine is 'search brand'. Above change was done in the english.php file only. All database tables and associated php files are still called 'manufacturer'. I just need to find a way to make Jack's googlebase to pick up my Manufacturer values once I set Brand = 1 in googlefeeder.php Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. dontlike2pay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Jack Did you mean the BRAND but PRODUCT_ISBN? ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_brand` VARCHAR( 32 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL If I run above command, it only creates a table to contain BRAND VALUE. However, where should I enter the value in admin and sign to relavent products? Thanks
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    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Jack How to setup an extra field in my database so your Google base will be able to read that value? :P Thanks
  10. dontlike2pay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Jack My google is warning me: SO I enabled Brand option in Googlefeeder.php However I got below error straightaway when I tried to generate a feed file from admin: In my shop, I changed most part where were Manufactory to Brands many months ago, has this to do with the error occured above? Or I just simply do not have Brands Field in my database that I need to create one? And How? Thanks
  11. I placed old Latest News Info_Box for osC2.2 to the Main body part in osC2.3.1 Well it works for my needs but would be great someone to improve it for my bad coding to help other ppl better. I have tried to get the Heading Title to match the rest of Main body but the box_text, it still look like using old info_box style. please see pic below: Would be great if anyone can improve this and repack it for ppl to download. ESp in case of any security risk of my modification, can a pro please take a look? Thanks
  12. Hi I spent a whole day to get Latest News 1.2.1 + UPDATE for OSC 2.3.1 working on osC2.3.1 but I concluded, it need serious rework as those new files provided need to be converted into osC2.3.1 format. I made a lame working version for myself but I am 100% sure that it needs improving by a pro coder. I don't know if I should upload it to addon site and name it as 'Latest News beta1 for osC2.3.1'? I don't want to cause any harm to ppl's site caused by my update but I also need ppl help on improving it. I hope someone who has got time would do a proper version of Latest News or News Desk sorta addon but for now, if anyone interested, please download, try and see if you can improve it. :P Latest News Beta v1 for osC 2.3.1 cheers
  13. dontlike2pay

    Latest News V1.2

    This addon with the latest update was designed for osC2.2 even there was a tip to help you adopt to v2.3.1, it is still not working with v2.3.1 I found that it is not only the problem where you are going to put those codes into, there are problems with New Files. I spent a whole day to get it to work on my osC2.3.1 but i am no programmer, I know there are many many mistakes but it worked for me. Look at this post for details. Click here to open!
  14. Hi I am trying to install 'Latest News' on my osc 2.3.1 After done 95% install and self-correction on this osc2.2 contribution, I am stuck now. :( The guide was not clear and I think there were something missing, so I did what I know about osc2.2 and managed to get this addon to work in a weird way (both front and admin end) Even the latest update seems to make it adapting to osc2.3 but i am sure the install guide was still for osc2.2 Plus files were not converted into osc2.3 format. So I made my own guide and intended to upload for other to use, but now im frustrated. I got 2 major problems. 1. News is displayed as old left/right side info box even it is as wide as New Product table. I cant get this info box style to match with rest site. Please pic below: 2. In admin, everytime I click on 'News' under Catalog, I lose the whole style/format of the left side. Please see pic: My own version of install guide can be downloaded here! <-- Click Can Anyone help? I am not putting up much hope that someone would help but worth a try :D Thanks
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    osCommerce STS V2.0 GUI

    Hi I came across a site http://www.oscommerce-template-easy.com/tas-v2-tutorials/tas-v2-video-tutorials.html They have video tutorials to show you how easy to change the STS templates in STS GUI...I have been searching on google for hours but seems I cannt find anywhere that I can download the software they used in the video to make modifications to STS templates. Can anyone help on this? Would be a lot easier to design a new template base on someone else's. Thanks
  16. Hi Has anyone got a full French Provinces/Cities database file would like to share? I had German, French, English installed on osC v2.3.1 but there was no SQL file for french language for their cities. Can anyone share one? THanks
  17. dontlike2pay

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi Jack I also received this email from google. I have updated shipping info in Google Merchant centreand, im an uk shop so tax requirment does not apply to me. The Brand, MPN, GTIN, google requires 2 of 3 to be included in the feed. In your googlefeeder.php, it calls Product_model, will google recognise it as MPN? If not, will your rename it in your next update to MPN rather than Product_Model number? Should I change above 0 to 1 so google will extract my shipping fee directly from my shop rather than editing Google Merchant Centre everytime price changes? I see there is already an update by rob@partridges on 26 Oct 2010, but I still would like to know if your next update be out before 3rd May? Thanks Kai
  18. dontlike2pay

    Quick UK Localisation

    I copy and pasted SQL in myphpadmin, not by importing the sql file. As you said the orginal was '£', I double checked downloads for v1.0 and v1.1 , both downloads shows only '? not '£'. I use Notepad++ unless there is something wrong with the character encoding? Anyway...your addon is working on my site after fixed this lil issue, thanks.
  19. dontlike2pay

    Quick UK Localisation

    HI As I suspected that you missed a ' mark in your SQL to cause the error I had. Please take this note into your next update. For the mean time, I'd like to paste the correct SQL here in case other ppl had same problem. Just be aware that I changed GBP symbol from '?' in your original file to '£', so I don't need to go back to admin -> localisation -> currency -> to change the ? to £.
  20. dontlike2pay

    Quick UK Localisation

    I think u missed a ' after the question mark? Can I use £ in SQL so I don't need to go into admin to change the currency symbol from '?' To £ ?
  21. dontlike2pay

    Quick UK Localisation

    Is it should be Symbol_left='£' Not Symbol_left='?
  22. dontlike2pay

    Quick UK Localisation

    hi I run your SQL in phpmyadmin and got below error. What to do next? Thanks
  23. dontlike2pay

    Imprint Text Options

    Hey Jack I have not asked you questions for awhile lol hehe...hope you are doing well. Your posts are always very helpful, the inputting fields on product info page were not showing and I followed suggestion you gave to other ppl that use contribution's stock product_info.php to check if its the problem in this file or application_top.php.....then I found I mistakenly (heavy modded store, guide for product_info page is not precise against my store) put the additional code of this contribution within <table> that is for product attributes in product_info.php ;) Now I have moved it out of that table and everything is working fine. Also you mentioned there is no database entry to limit number of characters in the field, and you would not be able to advice on it. The thing is, this contribution said all inputted texts are store in database, there must be a table to contain those info so can I find those database tables and insert different value into each table to limit the number of characters been entered? Or say DROP those info table and CREATE same tables again but with extra value that will limit how many characters can be inputted? Thanks
  24. dontlike2pay

    Need an contribution to HIDE CATEGORIES that works

    I am thinking a easy why of just deleting unused category group or re-group my products. However, that involving product url changing. If like google used my old sitemap to follow, they will get a lot links not found. If it gets too serious, google may drop my site. I do have SEO URLs or the sitemap SEO installed tho, i think it has an option to cache all the urls in case of url changing...so googlebot will be 301 redirected to new URL. But as i have read on google forum, if a site has too many 301 redirects, google wont like it. It can also end with my site been dropped. :P is my concern correct? So...if i use one of the contributions for hiding categories, which one so far is the best working one? Thanks K