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  1. weaverlizzie

    Salemaker 2.4 Error

    Thank you very much. My sales are now up and running. Julie
  2. weaverlizzie

    Salemaker 2.4 Error

    I am attempting to install Salemaker 2.4. The admin side looks good. But on the catalog side, I am receiving the following error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_INC in catalog/includes/modules/new_products.php on line 45 new_products.php file lines around line 45 $row = 0; $col = 0; $info_box_contents = array(); while ($new_products = tep_db_fetch_array($new_products_query)) { //Salemaker 2.4 Begin $special_price = tep_get_products_special_price($new_products['products_id']); if ($special_price) { $products_price = '<s>' . $currencies->display_price($new_products['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($new_products['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</s> <span class="productSpecialPrice">' . $currencies->display_price($special_price, tep_get_tax_rate($new_products['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</span>'; } else { $products_price = $currencies->display_price($new_products['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($new_products['products_tax_class_id'])); } //Salemaker 2.4 End $info_box_contents[$row][$col] = array('align' => 'center', 'params' => 'class="smallText" width="33%" valign="top"', //Salemaker 2.4 Begin 'text' => '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $new_products['products_id']) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $new_products['products_image'], $new_products['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT) . '</a><br><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $new_products['products_id']) . '">' . $new_products['products_name'] . '</a><br>' . $products_price); //Salemaker 2.4 End col ++; //LINE 45// if ($col > 2) { $col = 0; $row ++; } } new contentBox($info_box_contents); ?> <!-- new_products_eof //--> I have gone over the files that have changes twice to see if there are any errors and haven't found any yet. And I have gone over the new files to make sure that they are all there, they are, I think. Any help would be appreciated. Julie
  3. This is probably a very easy problem, but I'm stuck. I'm receiving the following message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/fabrih5/public_html/shop/includes/classes/payment.php on line 89 // Start - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution // function javascript_validation() { function javascript_validation($coversAll) { //added the $coversAll to be able to pass whether or not the voucher will cover the whole //price or not. If it does, then let checkout proceed when just it is passed. $js = ''; if (is_array($this->modules)) { if ($coversAll) { $addThis='if (document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked) { payment_value='cot_gv'; ( LINE 89 ) } else '; } else { $addThis=''; } // End - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution Any Help would be appreciated. Julie
  4. O.K. I've gone back one more backup. This should have removed everything. Yet files from this add-on still seem to remain on the system and the KissMt Meta Tags screen is still on the Configuration Menu. I removed the files I could find, they were all cache files and one language file. What else do I need to do to clear this up for a clean reinstall. Julie
  5. Thank you for your quick response on my last question. The first part of KissMT is working very nicely. Now i am trying to add the optional extras. did something very wrong the first time and had to do a restore. Now I am trying again. And received the following error message when attempting to run installer.php Installer Messages: Stage - 1 Below you will see some checks - if none are red then we are ready to install. * At least one of the configuration values already exists! XXX * No tables to insert it seems. * No tables to alter it seems. * At least one of the fields to insert already exists! XXX * No fields to alter it seems. There was at least one error, we therefore cannot install. Database fabrih5_osc1 has not been touched. Please check database fabrih5_osc1 against the contribution for conflicts. Where can I get more information to check my database and the configuration values? Julie
  6. Just installed this add-on and found that my product_info.php file does not have a <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> line but has the following ?> <!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html <?php echo HTML_PARAMS; ?>> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<?php echo CHARSET; ?>"> <!-- begin Extra Product Fields //--> <meta name="DCTERMS.modified" content ="<?php echo $datemod;?>"> <title><?php echo TITLE . ': ' . tep_output_string_protected($pname['products_name']); ?></title> <meta name="Description" content="<?php echo tep_output_string($pname['products_name']); ?>"> <?php $keywords = array(); foreach ($epf as $e) { $mt = ($e['uses_list'] && !$e['multi_select'] ? ($pname[$e['field']] == 0) : !tep_not_null($pname[$e['field']])); if ($e['keyword'] && !$mt) { if ($e['uses_list']) { if ($e['multi_select']) { $values = explode('|', trim($pname[$e['field']], '|')); foreach ($values as $val) { $keywords[] = tep_output_string(tep_get_extra_field_list_value($val)); } } else { $keywords[] = tep_output_string(str_replace(' | ', ', ', tep_get_extra_field_list_value($pname[$e['field']], $e['show_chain']))); } } else { $keywords[] = tep_output_string($pname[$e['field']]); } } } if (!empty($keywords)) echo '<meta name ="Keywords" content="' . implode(', ', $keywords) . '">' . "\n"; ?> <!-- end Extra Product Fields //--> <base href="<?php echo (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_SERVER : HTTP_SERVER) . DIR_WS_CATALOG; ?>"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> <script language="javascript"><!-- function popupWindow(url) { window.open(url,'popupWindow','toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=yes,copyhistory=no,width=100,height=100,screenX=150,screenY=150,top=150,left=150') } My question is can I add the replacement line for KissMT and if so where? Julie
  7. weaverlizzie

    Extra pages-info box w/admin 4.6.1

    I tried changing my admin back to admin and my catalog back to catalog this did not seem to work. Are there any recent (up-to-date) manual instructions for this addon? I am trying to install it from the old downnloads and bug fixes now don't know how that will work. Or is there another addon that does that same thing. Julie
  8. I need help installing this addon. The name of my catalog and admin directories are different. Let's say they are cow and horse. Obviously, I will need to change something in the scrip for it to run. These are the things that I have changed. From the autoinstaller script: class AutoInstaller { const xml_filename = "install.xml"; const unxml_filename = "uninstall.xml"; const backup_dir = "backup"; const files_dir = "files"; const catalog_dir = "cow"; (was "../") const check_dir_if_exists = "cow/horse"; (was "admin") const path_to_config = "cow/includes/configure.php"; (was "../includes/configure.php") Does anyone know of anything else I need to change to get this to work. Right now I get as far as changing some file permissions and then as far as I can tell the script stops. There is no back up so I can't run the uninstall script. I have a backup if necessary. Julie
  9. weaverlizzie

    USPS Shipping Weight

    Has anyone fixed the 0.94 lb weight issue? No matter what I put in as the tare weight and the weight of goods, I get a weight of 0.94 lbs instead of the actual weight which should be under that. Right now I have it set to a tare of 0.1 and a weight of goods of 0.25 for a total of 0.35 lbs. This should make so that first class mail shows on my site but alas it does not. I am using the add-on USPS shipping with delivery time and insurance. Julie
  10. weaverlizzie

    PlugnPay Payment Module

    Credit card module now working. Problem was corrected by PlugnPlay. There was one thing I was doing wrong in testing. I should have gone into the PnP Merchant Admin area and set my connection to the server to testing. Wouldn't have helped with the problem because the data was not being passed to the gateway by the api but it needs to be done for normal testing. Julie
  11. weaverlizzie

    PlugnPay Payment Module

    I forgot that I have been running the test cards in debug mode. I have data from each run that I don't understand that may help someone else help me fix this problem. The last run was as follows: PREAUTH: publisher_name=fabriholic&publisher_email=ordercon%40fabriholicsforever.com&mode=auth&convert=underscores&easycart=1&shipinfo=1&client=osCommerce_API&authtype=authpostauth&card_amount=30.17&currency=USD&currency_value=1.00000000&dontsndmail=yes&order_id=2&orderID=23&card_name=Julie+Bunker&card_company=&card_address1=650+6th+Ave+N+%231&card_city=Payette&card_state=ID&card_zip=83661&card_country=United+States&phone=208-642-3516&email=weaverlizzie%40gmail.com&shipname=Julie+Bunker&company=&address1=650+6th+Ave+N+%231&city=Payette&state=ID&zip=83661&country=United+States&ipaddress= POSTAUTH: FinalStatus=badcard&IPaddress=4%2e254%2e231%2e25&MStatus=badcard&User_Agent=&address1=650%206th%20Ave%20N%20%231&auth_code=&auth_date=20100820&auth_msg=%20Card%20number%20missing&authtype=authpostauth&card_address1=650%206th%20Ave%20N%20%231&card_amount=30%2e17&card_city=Payette&card_company=&card_country=US&card_exp=&card_name=Julie%20Bunker&card_state=ID&card_type=failure&card_zip=83661&city=Payette&client=osCommerceAPI&company=&convert=underscores&convertflg=1&cost1=7%2e99&country=US&currency=usd&currency_value=1%2e00000000&description1=110M108&dontsndmail=yes&easycart=1&email=weaverlizzie%40gmail%2ecom&ipaddress=4%2e254%2e231%2e25&item1=Flower%20of%20th&merchant=fabriholic&mode=auth&orderID=23&order_id=2&osCsid=8bef00df1f657c27d9b7152303fcd1e3&paymethod=credit&phone=208%2d642%2d3516&publisher_email=ordercon%40fabriholicsforever%2ecom&publisher_name=fabriholic&quantity1=2%2e75&receiptcc=&shipinfo=1&shipname=Julie%20Bunker&shipping=6%2e875&state=ID&success=no&tax=1%2e31835&zip=83661&MErrMsg=Card%20number%20missing&a=b Hope this helps Julie
  12. weaverlizzie

    PlugnPay Payment Module

    i tried it with a real number and got the same result. So back to the drawing board What is PCI DSS? New set of initials I've not seen before. and how is accepting credit cards online different than accepting them in our store? Educate me please. Julie
  13. weaverlizzie

    PlugnPay Payment Module

    So, as I stated on the Mercury thread, I installed the PlugnPay Payment Module. On the Payment information page, the credit card information blanks show up nicely. They can be filled in and everything stays filled in. Hit continue. On to the Order Confirmation Page. Everything looks good. Hit continue again to complete the sale and go to the finish page, but instead it puts me back to the payment information page with he error message "Your authorization was declined. Please try another card. -- Card number missing" and all of the credit card information reset. Anybody have any idea where to start looking for the error? I am using the dummy Credit Card Information of Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111 CVV 123 8/20/2013 per instructions. Julie
  14. weaverlizzie


    Plugnpay has a add-on download dated 1/28/2008. I just installed it to see if it will work. am testing now. Julie
  15. weaverlizzie

    USPS and UPS - Which Add-Ons

    I have my site to the point that I am working on shipping. So I am looking at the USPS and UPS modules. Knowing nothing about this subject and less about programming, I have questions. On the UPS XML Rates and Services 1.3.8 (1323), what does the XML stand for and would this be the add-on for basic ups services? On USPS Methods (487), how far back do I need to go to get a full installation (and then of course add all the updates after). Is this the best USPS or is USPS V2 AOI (2840) better? Or is there another one better still that I haven't read yet? I sell fabric and sewing notions and so will be shipping flat goods. I will not be charging a service fee, but straight shipping at this time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Julie