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  1. Jim, Got everything squared away. Thanks for your help....Bob
  2. Jim, After looking over the stylesheet it appears I need to change the width of the banner to the size of the scroller and create a new transblack75.png to a redish color the background color of my banner and limit the text in my banner leaving the right side void of text so the control does not overlap any text in the ad. Does that sound right or can I change settings in the stylesheet to accomplish the same thing with less work....Thanks for your help...Bob
  3. Ok Jim, we're almost there. It put the control button in the upper right of the banner but does not look good. Its too dark and the bottom of my banner was cut off. The actual size of my banner is 468 x 50. I entered 478 x50 because your comment instructed to I changed settings to 478 instead of 468. The banner did not center but did eliminate the space under it so I'm almost there. What do I need to do?. It's up on my site if you want to look at it. Thanks....Bob
  4. Jim, I don't know what the correct terminology is. You have the banner and underneath it to the right is the little scale that that clicks from dot to dot as the banners rotate. It has a button in which you can stop the banner rotation.Thats all I can see since my background color on my site is black. This meter or whatever its called, is grey and not too visible but there is a large area to the left of this "meter" that leaves a big gap of space. It also places the banner in a off-center position on the page. Everything is working properly otherwise so I feel fairly confident it was installed correctly.My questions center on this "meter" and if it really is needed on the home page or can it be eliminated so that space could be used for moving another module up the screen? If you want to go to my site you can see what I mean
  5. Jim, I love this contribution because its so easy to move things around to get a different look. I'm playing with the banner rotator and trying to place it at the top of my body above the Heading Title. In doing so the module takes up a lot of space. The space below the banner but to the left of the rotating meter is dead space correct. Is there any way of eliminating that rotating meter so that just the banner shows on the page so that all that space under the banner can be used as part of another module?. The second question I have is I would like to install a video clip on my home page. Could a new module be created for this that would accomodate text wrap around or can I just cut and paste the code into the "Text Main" module?...Thanks....Bob
  6. Depends on the version of the store your using but its a starting point. EasyPopulate 2.76i for v2.3.1 v2.3; Features
  7. Ok, thanks for your help. I'll just start pulling apart the site until I get my pictures back.
  8. catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php.....Never altered this file catalog/index.php (the middle part)..............All five revised versions tried and no change catalog/includes modules/boxes/bm_categories.php......Never altered this file either... Any other possibilities you can think of.....thanks...Bob .....
  9. Jim, Can you give me a idea of which php file I might find the error. I've changed 54 different php files and have saved each change under a coding system just for this vary thing. Would the problem be in the catalog/index.php file? These are the current contributions I've added lately.Unfortunately I'm not sure how long this problem has existed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks...Bob password_strength_meter Master_Password Generic_Box HEader_SEO ckeditor
  10. Jim, In preping for my site release to the public, I came across another problem that has me completely baffled and I don't know if it is related to trying to get the generic box running or not. My site centers around selling photographs of actors. My first level of categories is a Alfa listing such as Actor A, Actor B, Actor C and so on thru Z. The second level lists is the name of the Actors that I have pictures of like AamesW,AbdulJabbarK,AdamsD etc and then the third shows all the pictures I have of that particular actor. Each name in the second level has a category picture ie Aames,W is designated with a small Thumbnail of Willie Aames.My problem is that for the Actor F none of the Actors category thumbnails are loading,and its giving a prompt that no categories exist even though in the left columne it is showing all the names belonging under F such as FairchildM,FalkP,FarrowM etc. When I go into the admin it shows the thumbnails exactly where they should be for each actor beginning with the last name of "F".In the database, categories and category description look OK as far as I can tell. All of the other Actor categories are Ok, its just the letter F that got messed up. Any ideas.....thanks ....Bob.
  11. Jim, Tried a third time and just not working using the backslash. There must be something in CKeditor that prevents this from occuring because everything that francois21 is saying is exactly what I have been experiencing. I was however able to get my page working by doing the following: I had a paypal logo in one of my files and uploaded it to my images folder as you directed. Went into the module to the edit "English Contents" area and changed the setting to Source Code and pasted your code <img src="/images/my_image.gif" border="0" alt="My Image"> this did not work for me... however once I inserted <img src="" border="0" alt="My Image"> Everything is working fine so far, my image is where it is suppose to be and no error on the admin side. Thanks for your help again......Bob
  12. Jim, Tried this twice and still getting the same message. What in the coding in reply #106 would you comment out or delete? I copied and pasted a new logo design and still getting the same error message. Thanks....Bob
  13. Jim, But now I have this error message in my admin and I don't have a text box or CKeditor under the "English contents" heading Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/moviepr1/public_html/admin/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 1
  14. Jim, Yes the code does work. Because of CKeditor, I inserted the code and saved and got the text only. I had to hit the Sourse code buttom at the top of CKeditor and than copy and paste the code in the text area and I got my logo. Thanks for the help.....Bob
  15. This is what I am pasting. Where can I find the instructions that shows how to upload a image into this contribution. This is the easiest contribution to install yet I've wasted a whole day trying to figure out how to get a image in it. Is there a replacement code that I can use in includes/modules/boxes/bm_generic.php to get this done. Thanks...Bob <!-- PayPal Logo --><table border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" align="center"><tr><td align="center"></td></tr><tr><td align="center"><a href="#" onclick="'','olcwhatispaypal','toolbar=no, location=no, directories=no, status=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, width=400, height=350');"><img src="" border="0" alt="Additional Options"></a></td></tr></table><!-- PayPal Logo -->