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    Tiff13 got a reaction from Wallgualant in Help! Error when trying to add zone to my Table Shipping Module   
    I was trying to make my table rate be for US only. My Tables shipping modules were working fine. But when I added the Zone US to one of them I get this error and can't even modify in ADMIN now to remove that module. Please help no one can place orders now.
    1146 - Table 'waybent1_hoashop2.TABLEPREMIUM_ZONES_TO_GEO_ZONES' doesn't exist
    select zone_id from TABLEPREMIUM_ZONES_TO_GEO_ZONES where geo_zone_id = '2' and zone_country_id = '' order by zone_id
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    Tiff13 reacted to emckula in OsCommerce Download Feature   
    What I've come to realize is that the Download link will only work with orders placed after the changes. So follow the set up steps found on this thread for the Download link to work, and then place your order and test it. If it's not working go through the installation steps, make adjustments and then create a new order. If you switch anything regarding your product, your previous orders will keep the old product setup, or so it seems.
    Just a thought....