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  1. Tiff13

    [Addon] Facebook Pixel

    @BrockleyJohn Just wanted to say THANK YOU for his Addon. Works like a charm! Loving this 2.3.4BS Edge oscommerce modular thing. Best, Tiffany
  2. Tiff13

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Awesome! Thanks so much @Jack_mcs That worked. one minor change from above "products_images.products_image" to "products_images.image" and it's pulling the first image URL if multiple exist and that's exactly what I wanted. Thanks again. :-)
  3. Tiff13

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    It's a standard BS Edge setup/table - apologizes i'm probably not using the correct terminology - the right image is currently where the code pulls the image url Products>Products_image, however this is just the thumbnail image. The left is where the first of the larger images are stored i'd like to use as the url Product_Images > Image.
  4. Tiff13

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hello, How can i edit the following to get the Image_Link url to pull from the 1st Large Image vs the Main Image which is only the smaller thumbnail? in googlefeeder.php believed i needed to change this line CONCAT( '" . $imageURL . "' ,products.products_image) AS image_url, to CONCAT( '" . $imageURL . "' ,products_images) AS image_url, But the above didn't work. products_images is it's own table not a sub of the products line the thumbnails, so may need edit elsewhere ? Thanks, Tiffany (BS Edge)
  5. After installing the Google Adwords Conversion Tracking module in my v2.3.4 shop - have tested with selecting Java placement in both Header and footer. Both times after order process the Checkout_Success.php page returns blank Each time my website error log indicates: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class language in /public_html/includes/classes/language.php on line 16 (code starting line 16 below) class language { var $languages, $catalog_languages, $browser_languages, $language; I haven't made changes to this particular file for years. Do i need to add/change something to the php file also ? any ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. Tiff13

    Header Tags SEO

    I re-uploaded the file and now when search this appears instead of blank page 1146 - Table 'xxxx_database.TABLE_HEADERTAGS_KEYWORDS' doesn't exist select 1 FROM TABLE_HEADERTAGS_KEYWORDS where keyword = 'skull' and language_id = 1 [TEP STOP]
  7. Tiff13

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi , Can you help troubleshoot? Getting a blank page on any attempt of search on my site - quick search or from Advance Search page. Hosting showing the error is a PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function gethtstagcloudlink() in /xxx/xxx/public_html/includes/modules/header_tags_keywords.php on line 18 This is the line: $found = (GetHTSTagCloudLink($keyword, $languages_id) == false ? 0 : 1); //keyword is in products, categories or manufacturers tables Installed: Header Tags SEO 3.3.0 OS Commerce v2.3.3.2 Thanks in advance
  8. Tiff13

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi @@newburns Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm getting the same error - it's very annoying. Thanks and let me know. Tiffany
  9. Tiff13

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Thanks @@Roaddoctor! Sort order is now Low to High. Only thing i notice is that it picks the lowest FedEx service/cost no matter what instead of default selection to USPS First Class for example, which is lower. Don't recall if it selected that way before - that's not a big deal for me, but some people may want default to lowest cost overall.
  10. Tiff13

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I first tried commented out and there was no change. Then moved the "usort" line as suggested but that broke the entire checkout_shipping page. I wonder if it's just a matter of changing the SQL configuration table? There is a "sort order of display" entry - currently set to a sort order value of 99. Or even just changing the values of the services i'm using. For example, it has all the priority and next day services at a sort order ID of 10, where the Home Delivery or Ground has a value of 25. But i'm no SQL expert and don't know if that would break the entire module or not?
  11. Tiff13

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    @@lachitmonstar Did you ever find a solution? I would like to reverse the results as well.
  12. Shop is ready for Halloween

  13. Absolutely not. It's really annoying that these 98 notices are showing up and majority are related to files in my template directory.
  14. Yes I think this template is causing my problems it's such a pain. I added <?php // Report all errors except E_NOTICE error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); ?> to that file and also cleared the error_log in az_template/includes/modules/config/config. Seemed to correct, but i will need to research why this keeps happening. Thank you.