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  1. freestylehilly

    Header Tags SEO

    Can I just say that JACK YOU ARE THE MAN ! This is hands down the single best contribution there is in regards to SEO. Not only did my rankings improve drastically but so did online sales by well over 100% Thank-you so much mate.
  2. freestylehilly

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Anyone fixed the bugs in this yet ? I'm getting the 404 error like most others with an underscore being added to the end of the URL when using the estimator on the product info page. I'm a big fan of this contribution and so will be a lot of my customers if we get it working on the product info page. Thanks guys. Hilly
  3. freestylehilly

    Show Total with shipping costs without registering

    I know this is old but...... I really need to have a post code input box on the product info page where customers can get an instant shipping quote. I have tried Ship in cart but it is sooo buggy. Anyone else found a decent contribution for this ? Thanks in advance. Hilly