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  1. stefandunn

    [Contribution] *TinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML EDITOR

    I am using the contribution, everyone works okay, however when I send out emails with HTML, I receive the emails in HTML text such as: <table border=3D"0"><tbody><tr><td>This has html in it </td><td>Column 2 <b= r /></td></tr><tr><td> Col 3<br /></td><td><font color=3D"#00ff00">&nb= sp;Colour</font></td></tr></tbody></table> Do I need to change email headers or something perhaps? Where & how can I do this?
  2. stefandunn


    Thank you, I forgot to add the Quantity
  3. stefandunn


    Everything is installed correctly, except that new quotes, when created as products are instantly set to "Paid" even before I have notified the customer or anything. It's as if it's inserting the product as "paid" when created. Which file should I look at and which database tables are used to control this? Thanks
  4. stefandunn


    The link is redirecting me elsewhere which doesn't provide the information i need, sorry.
  5. stefandunn


    I am now getting this error when submitting a quote: "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/domains/wireitfree.co.uk/docs/shop_online/includes/functions/quotes.php:32) in /var/www/domains/wireitfree.co.uk/docs/shop_online/includes/functions/general.php on line 29" How can I fix this?
  6. stefandunn


    I have ensured the category matches the setting in admin->configuration->quotes and it's still visible. I have a template which doesn't show the information box, how can I implement it elsewhere? Is there a demonstration anywhere?
  7. stefandunn


    How can I make the quote category invisible? The quote button does not appear on the products page at all? I installed it according to the instructions in version 1.2. I did get confused with some modifications due to using "Simple Multiple Images (Unlimited) with Fancy Popups V1.3.5" modification (and there being some conflicts with the modified lines of code), but no errors. Could you tell me in a bit more detail how to make a product quote-able? From the end of the file modification (if that makes sense) because I have perhaps gone wrong somewhere. Thank you so much. p.s. Awesome mod! Can I donate at all?
  8. stefandunn


    I understand that only the products in quote category will have quotes activated on them. Is there a way of making this module work across all the categories?