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  1. So it's a pc user from msn services?? Can this be considered a risk in security?? thanks in advance
  2. I have this not recognized spider: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.2; SLCC1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.40607; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648) IP:
  3. Feedback: actually the contrib is nice, but if you have also another framework like mootools active needs to use the jQuery instead of $. Besides that i noticed there is something bad in code since it is passing some parameters in wrong way if you have USU5 SEO installed you will know what i mean, the $page parameter isn't being passed right but overall the contrib is ok. Another funny thing one i noticed regarding shopping cart less/more buttons: In Opera Browser: CHARSET & Subtotal near finish order checkout work like charm it even makes the buttons go away while calculating subtotals. In safari and Chrome: CHARSET & Subtotal calc works (but not make the button disappears while calculating) In Internet Explorer: CHARSET works & Subtotal calc near finish order button don't work. In Firefox: CHARSET wears off and doesnt work & Subtotal calc near finish order button works well. It's perhaps because the browsers deal differently with pages with lots of javascript, but notouriously opera is doing better this way. If you know a way to pass $page so the condition if ( !tep_not_null( $page ) ) is false, and/or if you know what can be done to fix Internet Explore and Firefox share. cheers
  4. eehh i don't want to be annoying, thanks for your kindness replying :D :) Another newbieshness i hope you can forgive me... is there any major issue in passing $page as null (since i think this is only happening sitewide when customer returns on the second or third time to it's shopping cart and having it items)... i mean i won't loose session id or anything. greetings
  5. Ok i know this is a bit bad for forum navigation so can you check this link here so i dont post my shopping_cart.php code in this topic -> i know you can find this in like 5-10 mins and i would appreciate some ideas regarding this, thanks in advance
  6. I know your code is ok, but since you know very well what are it's effects, you are in a good position to see faster then anyone where is the issue, since if i just take it out from application_top php it is ok...find this strange, since the only code to change to default shopping_cart.php i have is the code produced by AJAX shopping_cart contrib by delete - which has online demo working flawless And minimum order contrib ... Anyway mirko0007 advised me to just: i don't won't to mess with HTTP_SERVER_VARS and PHP__SELF since they are not secure, so i just comment out the error line die( '</td></tr></table></td></tr></table><br><br><font color="#ff0000"><b>Error!</b></font><br><br><b>Unable to determine the page link!<br><br>' ); I know this is only indirectly related to USU5, but can you check this... thanks in advance
  7. Well something must not be working with application_top.php since it doesn't show error on client side and if i replace the code for usu shows... and this happens if client adds items to shopping cart, then clicks in goes to product listing and then clicks enters shopping_cart again so would like some answers... thanks in advance
  8. Hi Rob, Congratulations for your awesome skills and contribution to make this forum work and community. After a couple of days like lots of coffees and read all this topic tests i scrutinized the problem my site had, when i unistalled USU5 i saw that application_top.php code regarding this very good contrib was making my shopping cart return Error! Unable to determine page link. I read again all this topic and tried all the solutions but my error only goes away when i use catalog/includes/application_top.php from the default installation. thanks in advance
  9. ok delete13 i would like your opinion regarding this... since your probably the best acquainted with your code ... thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I don't want to hijack this thread, so i would like you to check the thread i have done regarding a bug i have found after installing this: shopping cart errors Would be nice if you could give a hint on what could be or where the issue. thanks