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    lezperez reacted to multimixer in [Contribution] STS v4   
    In real this is not related to STS it self, but to changes done to includes/application_top.php because of option types V2 addon
    Option types require to move this

    // initialize the message stack for output messages require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'message_stack.php'); $messageStack = new messageStack;
    some lines higher than it's original position
    So the STS addition

    // START STS 4.5.8 require (DIR_WS_CLASSES.'sts.php'); $sts= new sts(); $sts->start_capture(); // END STS 4.5.8
    comes after that, and exactly this is causing the error
    Make sure you have the STS code in your application_top.php and that you place it just before the message stack code.
    This should solve the issue