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  1. blackwater

    Authorize.Net SIM Session Problem

    You might be looking for osc_draw_hidden_session_id_field() which does not take an argument. You should probably omit sending it as a field to gateway. OSC adds the session ID automatically to the link when the cookie is not yet created or cannot be created. It is based on PHP variable "SID" and value is unpredictable. This is to secure the connection between the client and the shopping cart.
  2. blackwater

    Problem with CCBill Gateway Module

    It does does not appear the CCBILL addon was updated for 2.3.1 unless you did it yourself. Maybe someone else want to take a shot at that question. You might want to take a look here though: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/284743-ccbill-gateway-module/
  3. blackwater

    Problem with CCBill Gateway Module

    What version of oscommerce are you using?
  4. blackwater

    Fedex Module

    perhaps should be pow.umbrellamed.com (ommitted period before com)?
  5. blackwater

    Is IPN still necessary w/ OSC 2.3.1?

    I differ on this though this is the common explanation of the problem. Just want people to know that the bug is still in their pre 2.3.1 carts when using paypal.
  6. blackwater

    Is IPN still necessary w/ OSC 2.3.1?

    It is actually a bug in all versions of oscommerce before 2.3.1. Not sure why it only affected the paypal module. The most common symptom is to get a payment received notice from Paypal and no record of the order in the admin panel. It is not caused by the customer not returnng to the shop. This mis-diagnosis had the side effect of causing the module to be significantly improved, but the problem remained intermitently. The code changes were made to 2.3.1 . You should be fine with the standard module, but 2.3.1 is relatively new so look around to see wat problems others are having with it. I don't know of any issues with paypal on 2.3.1.
  7. All versions of OSC comes with a paypal module. What is the purpose of this? What version of OSC are you trying to install paypal express into?
  8. blackwater

    Issue with OsCommerce and Authorize.net SIM module

    You posted in the osc3 section , but the principle is the same.
  9. blackwater

    Issue with OsCommerce and Authorize.net SIM module

    When you are in live mode in oscommerce and your A.net account is in test mode you should include in your request: <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="x_test_request" VALUE="TRUE"> This would be done by adding a line in the $params array of ../includes/modules/payment/authorizenet_cc.php 'x_test_request' => 'TRUE', Or you can test in full live mode and use a real and valid credit card number for test with amount of $00.00 when using Visa card and amount of $0.01 for other cards. And then cancel the transaction. This information is found here: http://developer.authorize.net/guides/AIM/Test_Transactions/Test_Transactions.htm
  10. blackwater

    Issue with OsCommerce and Authorize.net SIM module

    You can either go live or set up testing environment, you are combining them. What is the draw back in setting up a testing account with Authorizenet? You have to understand that when oscommerc is in live, it is pointing to the live ANet site. Logic says it will not work
  11. blackwater

    Issue with OsCommerce and Authorize.net SIM module

    It is still not clear that you have put oscommerce Authorizenet in test mode. Transaction Server Live Transaction Mode Live Why not test?
  12. blackwater

    Issue with OsCommerce and Authorize.net SIM module

    Are you running the module in test mode or production? This is changed from oscommerce admin. The URL in your post is the production URL so a test card will definitely fail. Change all modes to test on both sides and retest.
  13. blackwater


    I just have a layman's view of this, but it's hard to imagine every module can be installed without changing the core code. The simple reason is that, some modules change the functionality of the core. When a module is created, it should be written with all other modules already installed. This will lay the responsibility on the developer to consider added features of the current base of modules. Complication arises when the instantiated version number of osCommerce changes before a module is completed (more experienced members might have easy solutions to this). This could be fashioned like a "distro" system which handles dependencies in which modules can be downloaded or disabled from Admin. Templates are added in the same way. The version level of the cart will constantly change as a module is added. If someone wants to manually patch in a module they need to download the correct instantiated version of osCommerce for that module. All new/changed modules must use current osCommerce version number. The core team or the community would be now responsible for inserting submitted modules at the current version level. Moving in the direction of creating a "distribution" no doubt expands the role of the core team in coding testing and everything else.
  14. blackwater

    EASYPOPULATE - Have i the correct version.?

    Yes , that's the one . You should now install it, export what you have so far to csv, update this csv with new records at the end (maintaining the format), and reimport this updated csv. In excel you should change cells that will contain product codes beginning with zero to text.
  15. blackwater

    EASYPOPULATE - Have i the correct version.?

    Stupid no, but thick well ahh ahh maybe. here's a link http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/500