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  1. When I try to install the PP Direct mod, I click on the Install button in admin and it does NOTHING. It won't work. All other modules install fine. Therefore I now have the PP Express module, but wjen I test it, I get: "Error: Payment module configuration error. Please verify the login credentials" Can someone PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE tell me what I'm supposed to put in usename, password and vendor. :(
  2. mikeyj

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Easy contrib, but it has a flaw. I have a digital download store and, when you ae at the checkout confirmation page, all a data hief has to do is VIEW SOURCE of the page and he can instantly view the return URL. All he then has to do is go to paypal, then enter the return URL into his browser, hit go and he gets the downloadable product without paying.
  3. My table rates aren't working. I've searched everywhere on forum and documentation, but can't find the answer. Basicaly, I've changed to kilogrammes. I've set my decimal in the products sql to 5,3 to do this 0.000 ..and I've set my delivery rates in admin... My rate for one item is 0.100 = ?0.75 ...but even if I place 5 items in the cart, it STILL shows the delivery rate for one item. I'm tearing my hair out here. :(
  4. mikeyj

    Article Manager v1.0

    Yes, I've had article manager installed for quite some time. http://www.getmemusic.com/articles.php
  5. mikeyj

    Article Manager v1.0

    Only store admins can write articles. It's a shame that users can't write articles.....that would make a great addition to the contrib.
  6. mikeyj

    Support for Article Search v 1.0

    Well, that'sd the good thing about this community....we all work together to improve ideas. :)
  7. mikeyj

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi aldaffodil, I think I may be the first person to try out your great contribution. :) If anyone wants to see it in action, go here (Bear in mind that I've configured it just to only show ARTICLE TITLES in the Article Search Results page. The original contrib also displays a truncated part of the article text in the results.)
  8. mikeyj


    Yes, that's right. It is a very cool feature. Affiliates simply choose a product that they want to link to, and the product link code is generated for them with a click of a button. :)
  9. mikeyj


    Er.... good question. :blink: Hopefully someone will be able to answer this. Sorry, can't help you....never seen that error before, maquido. :(
  10. mikeyj

    Article Manager v1.0

    That's strange. :blink: There should be lots of "affiliate" entries in your left column in phpmyAdmin.
  11. mikeyj


    The text links are automatically generated from your banner links. i.e. Everytime you upload a banner, a text link is created as a text alternative.
  12. mikeyj


    I'm not sure about datafeed, but affiliates CAN link to specific products with the "Build A Link" feature.
  13. mikeyj

    Integrating NoChex

    I don't think that you can actualy use the SAME card that is tied to your account. To easily test it, simply add something to your cart then select NOCHEX as the payment option. (but DON'T input your card details) If it shows the cart total price in the NOCHEX screen, then its working fine.
  14. mikeyj

    Integrating NoChex

    Firstly...have you got an account with NOCHEX? If so, all you need to do is input your NOCHEX account detals (i.e. your email address that is tied to your NOCHEX account) into the NOCHEX module , via your osCommerce Admin area. Once that's done, your store is then configured to accept NOCHEX payments.
  15. mikeyj


    No, mine had two options... either a text link or a banner. You had to upload a banner for that particular product. Maybe the very latest oscAffliate has this feature.