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  1. Hi, I installed this contribution and works perfectly, but I have about 130 related products, for each product, and i need to show them in pages. This needs to be done obviously inside de Product Info page. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, I have set US and Europe in the Geo Zones t use the module, by adding them in the tax zones, and then adding them in the set up of the module. However, it dosen't show up in the check out. I have tryed changing my test account to US, and Europe contries. What do you think is wrong? I really would apreciate your help. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I just installed the contribution, but I dont understand how the zones are refrenced at the check out? I set up the geo zones in admin, and created my own account in one of those zones, but the module doesn't show up at the check out. However, the create account form dosen't allows to pick the city where are yo are located. So, how can I reference those citys at the check aout, if my geo zones are defined by citys? I really would apreciate your help, Thanks!
  4. anpp

    MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping setup

    Hi, How did you solved it out? I just installed the contribution, but I have the same question that you do about how the zones are refrenced? Everything works perfectly in admin, but when I make a test of the buying process, the shipping module is simply not working. I really would apreciate your help, Thanks!