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  1. golith

    Store Credit Line

    Not in V3 yet !!! But I do like the idea
  2. Global Financial Crisis II is now underway ... YAY .. the bears finally have a chance at the big one !!!

  3. So Easter (OASTRE) & Christmas (Samhain OR Yule) are pagan holidays .. bit of a party hard mob celebrating just about everything and then some .. just the way i like it .. Uh hu Uh hu

  4. A Gloomy day on the markets .. MWHA .. ha . ha .haaaa

  5. Bed has been fixed ;p

  6. I want to keep trading the markets NOWWW .. RAHHH

  7. hi .. you sent me a message .. how can i help you?

  8. R.I.P. N.S.W

  9. Morning has broken :-)

  10. I gotta pusycat ;pI got ya pussycat ;p

  11. pussycat just came up with a new concept .. group jiggaloes .. for the girl who wants it all !!!

  12. I need to wear a scarf pussycat .. ty for that ;p

  13. I like it when you ind a quick $50 in your pocket, Woo Woo .. pizza ;p. beats when you need it and your scrapping the car floor for 5 cents !!!

  14. I have had the best shift ever DI IS ACE!!!!

  15. OK then .. Apparently there will be security footage of me planking at work .. I just dont know about that .. since when would I play up at work .. blah ;-)