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  1. I'm a newbie at technical stuff.. But I was able to find this from cpanel AWSTATS. static-208-80-193-39.as13448.com
  2. To be honest, I'm not sure if bots are causing problems... I just became curious who this yandex.ru (who was on my website everyday) was and did some search and people were complaining its eating up bandwidth of upto 1gb a day. So is this how you stop them using bandwidth? spider.txt? I just want my site clean as possible. So, I should just remove as13448 from spider.txt? As its of no use?
  3. Thank you for your kind reply. I also saw this trolling on my website. as13448.com Do I just put as13448 somewhere in spider.txt file to stop this bot from creating sessions? Another questions.. So by putting the "yandex" in spider.txt file, you stop them from creating sessions? Which will reduce them using your bandwidth? So it is OK for them to visit the front page of my website? Because whenever yandex.ru came to my website, they were viewing most of my products one by one. So does this mean that I will still see them on my who's online page? Thank you.
  4. Can someone please explain this to me. So I downloaded this and put the spider.txt file in catalogue/includes folder. But upon reading the readme.txt file I found this to be somewhat confusing. "For example, "ebot" matches Googlebot, "nbot" matches msnbot." What does this mean? Does this mean that because I have "ebot" in spider.txt file googlebot will not index my site on their search engine? Or is the "Googlebot" a harmful robot that just takes my bandwidth and its not from the company Google? Please someone explain this to me, I just wanted yandex.ru off my site because they were always there...