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  1. I am still getting the "Replace me in Page Control under index.php" title, i have looked at my DB and there's no similar data in it, why is this title still active? I have added an new title, and i can see it in the db but its not displayed on the page.

  2. You said you downlaoded the last version. If you look at the available packages, the last version isn't mine. I don't support it. If you install one of the versions that I uploaded it, I will try to help with any problems you may have.


    Owww sorry, i haven't seen this before, but because i cant read the last one i didn't downloaded that one, the one that i downloaded is uploaded by you ;)

  3. Found a couple of bugs(i think). The breadcrumbs displays(article_info.php) home->artikels(artikels.php)->artikel(article_info.php). Which if you ask me isn't correct right?


    Also in the articles.php is an dropdown menu which can be used to choose an other topic or author, but once i click on it it redirects me to de search page of the articles, this also happens if i want to write an review i get directed to the login page, afther the login it redirects me to the search page.


    Ow dear, i just have seen the url afther i wanted to write an review on article, once directed back to the article search page i got this url:




  4. No, that's not correct. It is missing the tPath ID. Looks like something is corrupted.


    Well it does now create an path id, but still it's not saving into the other languages, if i just use the dutch language fields it creates a new row in the db, with just a key and de language id 1, nothing else....cant seem to find the bug

  5. Strang..... can you tell which file/part saves the data into the db tables? Because when i save all of the data it does created a new row in the db but doesn't saves the data(except english). All other languages are not stored.

    I didn't change something so it should save the data.


    Also i have logt in to the admin section with the english languages, and still it only saves the english data.


    Or can there be something wrong in my db?

  6. Do you have multiple languages installed? What is the default language in admin (not the shop)? Does your topic/article page in admin show all of the languages?


    I have installed the dutch language as default(front and backend), yes i see the stuff but i wont save if i enter some data into the dutch language fields, if i save it into the english it will be saved propper.

  7. I have an problem with creating new topics/articles, when i enter the data for the topic/article it does not save this, i have looked into the db and see that it creates a new row but does not fill the fields(except primary key)


    Where must i look ?


    edit: well i found that i wont save the data in my languages, if i save the stuff in englisch it will be stored in the db.............so whats wrong?