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  1. boldndare

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi, I read from the previouse posts in this forum and the solution is that do not uncheck the product you want to remove from the cross selling option. Just click Add/Remove and then select your category>>product from the drop down and click Save. It will remove the product and work fine. Try this :)
  2. boldndare

    Article Manager v1.0

    Atlast got the answer to my problem in the last page post #1742. The topics_id = 0 is the cause of this kind of blank screen in my case. Now everything is working fine in my cart. Thank you Jack for your help and this great contribution.
  3. boldndare

    Article Manager v1.0

    Ok, the problem in admin/articles_xsell.php is solved by changing <? to <?php at about line 141. But still nothing is displayed when I click on Article Manager in the Admin Section. I tried to insert an article in the database(by changing the querystring in URL) against an author, but that is also not displayed in the front end when I click on author's name. One thing more,when I include articles box in either left or right column, Internal Server error 500.0 appears. When I do not include articles box, the index page works fine. What may be the cause of this problem? Anyone having these kind of issue and get solved, please do help me...I love to see this module working in my cart. :blush:
  4. boldndare

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thank you Jack, According to your instructions, I followed the Admin part installation again (although this is the 3rd time doing that) according to readme.txt file contained in the package. I also downloaded the updated articles.php file from the contribution and paste it in the root directory, but still NO LUCK!!! Can you please send me the exact link to your fix. One thing more, when I click on Cross-Sell Articles, an error or message appears something like in the picture below. May be this is the cause of all my problem. Default Language for my cart is English.
  5. boldndare

    Article Manager v1.0

    I have installed Header Tag SEO v3.2.4 and Article Manager v 1.57_5a in osCommerce 2rc2a/ When I go to the home page, Internal Server Error 500 is displayed. After going through the forum, I test the page with Header Tags SEO and it give the following report along with some other things.. Missing Pseudo Code Error: explain The file article-topics.php should have pseudo code entries but does not. The file article_info.php should have pseudo code entries but does not Then I disable the Article Box in Article Manager Configuration...Then the home page is displayed correctly. Can u please point out what can I do to make things work correctly? Secondly, when I go to admin section and click on Article Manager, nothing is displayed (See the pic below). I could not find where to add new topic/articles etc. Please help me with the above problems. I am intermediate in PHP programming. May be somewhere in the forum, the solution to these problem may be present, please direct me to those pages if possible. Thanks in advance...