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    Account Balance (gift certificate redemption)

    Hi, i need very much your help, after installing V4 and ehen in admin tool i select edit a customer this message appears: 1054 - Unknown column 'c.customers_account_balance' in 'field list' select c.customers_id, c.customers_gender, c.customers_firstname, c.customers_lastname, c.customers_dob, c.customers_email_address, a.entry_company, a.entry_street_address, a.entry_suburb, a.entry_postcode, a.entry_city, a.entry_state, a.entry_zone_id, a.entry_country_id, c.customers_telephone, c.customers_fax, c.customers_newsletter, c.customers_account_balance, c.customers_default_address_id from customers c left join address_book a on c.customers_default_address_id = a.address_book_id where a.customers_id = c.customers_id and c.customers_id = '4' [TEP STOP] What know? i dont know what to do best regards, Sérgio Cunha