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    Google Analytics module

    After looking at our data for the past year, quarter and month (or any time period really) I found GA consistent missed 20-25% of our transactions. I have noticed this for a long time and silently hoped it would get better. I've read tons of forums concerning this problem, but no one succeed to fix the problem... You'll fin more explanations on http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Analytics/thread?tid=02bfeb8f83433120&hl=en To sum up, during the last month, we lost about 10% of transactions and SAFARI 5 visitors represent 7,40 % of the whole traffic and only 3.5% of ecommerce transactions tracked . As it seems impossible to fix the problem I would like to know if someone knows if it's possible to develop a small chron using Analytics API :-)) Every night, it loops overs all the transactions of the day recorded in OsCommerce database, check if this transaction number exists in GA, if not it generates the tracker corresponding to the whole transaction and submit it to Analytics. The problem is : HOW TO SPECIFY THE ORDER DATE TO THE TRACKER ?? I know this solution is not a final issue, but it will allow us to get EXACT TRANSACTIONS AMOUNTS even if it's not linked to the cookie information of the original visitor ( every chron generated transactions would not be tracked as a conversion...) Give me some advices please, I really would like to find a solution in order to get every morning relevant informations about visitors+transactions in my GA homepage !