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  1. Hi Vaughn, the inserted section starts at line 335 in my checkout_payment.php. I'm on 2.2RCa. HTH Wiljo
  2. Hoi Paul, Although I have got an order editor installed into my shops, I haven't tried fiddling with other ot's like DCC. I think without a very thorough understanding of how OSC works, one could never develop a contribution that works flawless with any other. To my opinion, OSC is not documented enough and not automated enough to allow developers to either build with minor knowledge or build with great expertise. And there's always the possibility that another bad-written mod will ruin the whole cart. I have seen some of the coding and not everything makes sense to me. I have even tried to fix the free shipping part but am stuck somewhere. Having said all that, if you are really going to dive into dcc I'd be happy to help you. My php skills are getting better but they are by no means good. I could help you with testing and evaluation though. If you are interested, drop me a pm. groeten, Wiljo
  3. I have tried to reproduce this. My result is that the total price is tax on shipping only: Goods amount (incl tax): € 1,50 Discount Coupon WiljoTest verwerkt: -€ 23,80 Sub-Totaal: € -22,30 DHL verzekerde verzending: € 3,25 Totaal: € 0,52 (3,25 x 19/119 = 0,518) BUT I have changed the code in catalog/classes/discount_coupon.php (around line 400) to add the tax on shipping as it wasn't calculated correctly. This could be the cause here. So I cannot reproduce this problem with my install/settings. Pls let us know how you get on? Wiljo
  4. Hi R, First of all; if you get free shipping running with correct calculation of taxes, please say so. There are a number of people on here who'd love to get it to work correctly. Second, as to what you describe above: 1. I think my choice would be to create an extra discount option, free shipping plus fixed amount. Murphy's Law says your customer will be asking for whatever you disabled, changed or coded out the minute you have coded it out. ;-) It may be helpful to try the debug mode, it helped me with deducing what is calculated where in the discount_coupon.php class. IIRC the various amounts are calculated in discount_coupon.php and the taxation is done in order.php. Please keep us posted on the results, always nice to have an extra possibility. HTH regards, Wiljo
  5. Hi Paul, You are totally correct when you say customers want prices including tax. I'm merely saying calculation needs to be on the base price to be able to allow for multiple tax rates. DCC works for me displaying discounts including taxes on checkout (well, except for the (free) shipping discount), the customer doesn't get bothered with tax. The only thing I have to remember is to define the discount without tax (I have added an extra text to the discount input page as a reminder). About $tax_address; My php is not as good as my dutch, but as it is 'require'-d, doesn't that mean the required file functions as if it is inserted instead of required? I use this construction a lot designing website and never declare the variables passed downwards as global. For testing purposes you can put a print_r in there just to see what happens. regards, Wiljo
  6. Hello Paul, In my opinion, discounts should be calculated without tax to be able to work correctly. You don't want discounts including tax to be given when selling to non-EU countries, but you want to tax EU sales. There is an issue with tax calculation on shipping discounts. If this is the discount you are using, read back a page or two where you will find a fix by Suhy. This is a workaround and certainly not a definitive fix. As to the $tax_address, this variable is set in order.php on line 152 (my version of it anyway). discount_coupon.php is then called from here in lines 220 and further. If your tax percentage always comes back zero and you are not testing with shipping discount, I would say you need to check your tax setup. There is a good topic on the dutch forum on this by Berkedam). HTH Wiljo
  7. MagnetiKmania, Have you used the debug function? It will show you what DCC is calculating. Wiljo
  8. Berta, this is a language problem. The items you mention are apparently not 'defined' in your language files. Have you maybe replaced your language file instead of adding the dcc code to them? Go back to your backup file and change this with the items in the installation instruction provided with the dcc module. regards, Wiljo
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for an option to replace the text email packing slip and invoice. There is 'professional invoice and packing slip' but that contribution is so old I'm not sure this is still up-to-date. Can anyone pls confirm if this package is compatible with 2.2RC2a? Or is a better option available? regards, Wiljo
  10. Ok hard to judge from here. It may have been created by running the .sql as you said you did in your post from 17.48. In that case the table will be empty (no records in it in phpmyadmin). You mention now that you had coupons that were used. This implies that the table has existed before, otherwise the discount coupons must always have resulted in this error msg. What did you change then so that your got this msg in the first place? I'm sorry to say but based on this info I'm not sure I can help you further. regards, Wiljo
  11. This could well be as the error message was referring to another table (discount_coupons_to_customers). Did you check if the table mentioned in the error message really exists in php admin? If not, edit the .sql file so that only the part regarding discount_coupons_to_customers remains and then run it. You could also remove all tables belonging to dcc and re-run the whole .sql. Wiljo
  12. Run the .sql file included in the install. Go to phpadmin, choose 'sql' and import and execute the sql statements. Wiljo
  13. Glad to hear it works for you! I used the autoinstaller after 3.34 didn't work as expected and it never worked, I went back to 3.34 after that. The original bug Suhi fixed was that in case of a shipping discount, the discount would be displayed without tax with setting Display tax in discount line? set to Display discount with discounted tax applied. The remaining bug is that in case of a shipping discount, the tax on the shipping charge is not subtracted from the total tax amount. So you get the following (assuming 20% tax): goods amount 120 (incl tax) discount 100% shipping applied -20 (incl tax) sub total 100 (incl tax) shipping 20 (incl tax) total 120 (incl tax) tax 23,33 The tax amount being 20% over 100 = 20 plus 20% over 16,66 = 3,33. The tax amount should read 20 being 20% over 100 plus 20% over 16,66 minus 20% over 16,66. If you have an install running now where all discounts are working and the tax calculation of all of them is correct, I would be very interested in your code! Regards, Wiljo
  14. Hi jsalis, The code listed is exactly what is in version 3.34 (which is what I am using). Changing this setting has an effect on my shop. My shop is set to display subtotal including discount. When set to false the subtotal reads the total goods amount. When set to true the subtotal reads the total goods amount minus discount. The tax calculation goes wrong in my case though, playing around with the Display tax in discount line? setting only changes the amounts but it is still wrong. Tax calculation is spot on with settings: Display subtotal with applied discount? -true Display tax in discount line? -Display discount with discounted tax applied Display discount total lines for each tax group? -false AND with Suhy's mod as mentioned in the above post from December 29 in place. good luck. Wiljo
  15. Hello QuasiMoto, My PHP skills are basic and I have managed to install this contribution. The instructions are quite straightforward and easy to follow. I have installed the 3.34 version on OSC 2.2 and apart from the above problem with tax calculation in case of free shipping, the contribution works fine. What I always do is take a full backup from my shop (including the database via phpmyadmin). Then I created an extra set of directories in the correct hierarchy where I put all the files needed for install and I change them there. After completion of the manual, I send the changed files over via ftp. If anything goes wrong, you can restore your backup and you are back where you started. I must admit that I have a test shop as well where I usually install prior to installing to my live shops but the idea and procedure is the same. regards, Wiljo