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  1. I am trying to install http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5930 . But it is made for basic OS commerce and when i overwrite the files , it doesnt keep my design obviously.... ( template) so i want to "add" in the codes the appropriate lines... how can i do that?
  2. Hello I ran into many troubles with EXTRAIMAGES contribution... can not seem to have the right configuration... Anybody knows about another contribution that is up to date and works well please? thanks
  3. Hi I installed EXTRA IMAGE , turned it on to "true".... but images do not show on the website.... what am i missing? I uploaded them with the extra images module , uploaded them for the items... but when i search those items on the actual website , they do not show.... Help?
  4. ssuissa

    EXTRA IMAGE Add-on - Cant configure

    Thanks...i did that Now it shows , i did it "true" , but when i go on webpage .... The extra images dont show with the product.... anything else i may have done wrong? Also do you know if extra images is compatible with MAGIC TOUCH zooming program?
  5. I have downloaded the "extra image" contribution , version 1.6.1 complete package however. Only problem is that see the “extra images” in modules , but when I want to turn it on….which means in “configuration” I can not find it listed there…. (so cant turn it to "true" to display extra images....) I installed the 1.6.1 Version ( complete package) and I believe I followed all step Please advise