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  1. satkin2

    Browse by Categories

    Hi, I've installed this add on as it's exactly what I wanted for my homepage. However I'm having a few problems I can't seem to fix. Firstly, here's my site. 1: As you'll see, I've changed the BOX_HEADING_BROWSE_TOP_CATEGORIES to an image rather than a string. My problem is that this element goes beyond the right hand side of my container. I've tried changing the margins, width etc, even when it was text, and I can't get the overlap to go away. 2: I'm getting the name of all categories below the category images adding a category after each one, I only want the individual category name associated with the category image above. 3: Is it possible to have the image go opaque:0.5 on hover, without the text doing so too? Putting this in the img a:hover style didn't have any effect. 4: Is it possible to put an equivalent of BOX_HEADING_BROWSE_TOP_CATEGORIES below the categories? I want to put another image, much like the BOX_HEADING_BROWSE_TOP_CATEGORIES below my categories. Sorry for all of the questions, I thought it best to put them in one post, rather than filling up the thread. Many thanks
  2. satkin2

    Express Checkout

    Hi, I've moved to PayPal Express Checkout because the PayPal Standard module allows dummy orders. IE, you can get to the confirmation page and then decide not to proceed, but it will show up in your orders list in your Admin section. In order to get around this issue I've used PayPal Express Checkout and that appears to stop these dummy orders, which is much better, now any orders I see definitely are orders. I've been unable to see any way to fix the Express Checkout issues mentioned above though.
  3. satkin2

    Express Checkout

    Hi, I've installed the Express Checkout and amended my code so that the PayPal button doesn't show, forcing you to go through my checkout process so that you can choose shipping etc; (I found having the PayPal button present skipped these steps if pressed). Going through the check out process with a new order, I see my (1) Delivery Information page, then my (2) Payment Information page, I then get taken to (3) PayPal Express Checkout which once confirmed on there takes me back to my site to make the (4) Checkout Confirmation step. Confirming makes the order complete as expected and it works fine. However, if rather than clicking to confirm the order I go back to my store and then go back to my basket, then checkout it goes through (1) and (2), but then goes straight to (4), missing out going to PayPal again. I assume this is because the transaction has already linked to PayPal at this stage, but I'm not comfortable with it not being obvious to the customer what is happening, it appears no payment is being taken. Is there any way in which I can force the checkout to go from steps (2) to (3) regardless of whether this step has occurred and then the order been left incomplete. As secondary query that relates to this, is it possible to have a cancel button on the Checkout Confirmation page too, if I decided I didn't want to go ahead, I want my basket to clear and PayPal to forget my intended payment? Thanks
  4. satkin2

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi, Not sure if you'll be able to help me or not, but as it's a layout issue and I'm using STS I thought I'd see what those of you with more knowledge than me thought. All pages on my siteare looking and working as I wish in most browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc; However, in Internet Explorer, the non osCommerce pages are also working fine for me, such as this, but the osCommerce pages are being laid out terribly, such as this. (The links need to be viewed in Internet Explorer to see the differences). I know that IE causes problems that other browsers don't but I'm struggling to get it looking right. If I put text-align: center in my template, I get the whole page centred (but not with the full with border) but it also centers my text which I don't want. I'm really struggling to work out how I can resolve this. Have any of you had similar issues or are you able to offer some advice on how I'd fix it? Thanks Steve
  5. satkin2

    This invoice has already been paid.

    Looks like it was an issue with how I'd set the accounts up. Using the paypal assisted method rather than setting them up manually has fixed it. Thanks for your help guys
  6. satkin2

    This invoice has already been paid.

    I'm hoping someone on here can help me. I'm getting really close to finally finishing my store so I've tried making a purchase through the PayPal Sandbox, but when I try I get the error message... This invoice has already been paid. For more information, please contact the merchant. Here's my setup... PayPal Website Payments Standard Enable PayPal Website Payments Standard: True E-Mail Address: me@mydomain.com Payment Zone: --none-- Set Preparing Order Status: Preparing [PayPal Standard] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status: Processing Gateway Server: Sandbox Transaction Method: Sale Page Style: MyStyle Debug E-Mail Address: business@mydomain.com Sort order of display: 0 Enable Encrypted Web Payments: False Your Private Key: Your Public Certificate: PayPals Public Certificate: /usr/bin/openssl Your PayPal Public Certificate ID: Working Directory: OpenSSL Location: /usr/bin/openssl I've set up a PayPal Sandbox account as me@mydomain.com Within this I've then setup a business account business@mydomain.com and a customer account customer@mydomain.com When I click through my basket and go to confirm order, it is launching the PayPal site fine and asking me to log in. I log in using my customer@mydomain.com address and go to the Pay Now button and then it goes to the page with the error This invoice has already been paid. For more information, please contact the merchant. I really don't know what is causing this or how to get around it. Obviously I can't go ahead with my site until I know that the actual purchasing process will work without issue. Any advice or guidance would really be appreciated. Thanks Steve
  7. After going through a number of threads on the subject I've stumbled upon this contribution which solves my problem perfectly. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6211
  8. Hi, Firstly thanks for a great contribution, this really suited my needs perfectly. I'm not sure if this is something I'm missing, but to set the size of my category images I'm using Admin -> Images -> Small Image Width/Height, however this is also controlling the size of my image in the product_info page. I want my pictures on the product_info page to be significantly larger than those I'm showing for the category images, however as they are both linked to the same admin option I can't make them independent of each others size. How would I go about doing this? Sorry if this is something that is already covered in this support thread, I've tried to check through it but there are a lot of posts so I may have missed something. Steve
  9. Hi, Really love this contribution, it's really helping me get the look and feel I'm wanting for my site. The php is all rather new to me so there are a couple of minor tweaks I can't see how to change and having trawled through a number of threads on the message boards I'm still no further. Firstly, here's my index page... here With this contribution, I was then able to make my category pages look pretty much the same... Cushions link The queries I have are probably simple for someone who knows what they're doing. 1. How do I centre the product description and move it up slightly, so it looks like the category descriptions on my index page? 2. How do I then get the rollover event to match, with the italic effect, I can't see which point in the css this hover state is being called. 3. I'm getting a large white space below my heading and the tops of the first images and can't see how to reduce this down. When I inspect the page it is saying that the pixel spacer image is there, but I can't see where this is called in the code. Many thanks Satkin2
  10. is trying to get to grips with osCommerce layout personalisation