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  1. Hi Sam, I am new in this forum and using oscommerce, I want to ask you about this contribution. I have downloaded the contribution and tried to implement it but I have a lot of errors, these are some: Setup Error! Please ensure you have run the Install SQL File. Warning: substr() expects parameter 3 to be long, string given in C:\xampp\htdocs\OSNEW\catalog\includes\modules\product_listing.php on line 97 I follow all the instruction in the word files that is the folder when download the contribution. About the sql I run this sql senteces: ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_image_array`VARCHAR( 800 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('Tiny Image Width', 'TINY_IMAGE_WIDTH', '30', 'Image width for additional image thumbnail', 4, 20, NULL, now(), '', ''); INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('Tiny Image Height', 'TINY_IMAGE_HEIGHT', '30', 'Image height for additional image thumbnail', 4, 21, NULL, now(), '', ''); INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('Additional images per row/column', 'TINY_IMAGE_GROUP_SIZE', '3', 'Number of additional images to show per row/column in the product display', 4, 22, NULL, now(), '', ''); INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('Additional Image Format', 'ADDITIONAL_IMAGE_FORMAT', 'horizontal', 'Show additional image in a vertical or horizontal format', 4, 23, NULL, now(), '', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'horizontal\', \'vertical\'),'); Another problem is that I do not have the option to add more images to one product from the admin panel, and if I have different prices for a product (I added these from the product/attribute option in the control panel) they are not shown ... I really appreciate if you can help me. Thanks in advance for all your help in the forum. I forgot to tell you that i am testing the contribution in local way, it is fine?