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  1. Hello. Have an strange problem with this contibution When i make a new product in the top category it selects an category from the start = category id 327. If i go in to a category and make new product it selects the category that im in to AND the same category as above =category id 327 Someone got this contrib wokring normally?
  2. THanks for the help previously! I would be interested in the solution to this if its not to much job for you :) tried with this in index.php but itwould not help. if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id'])){ $HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers_id']=''; } i need to se the notices when i upgrade to php 5.3 instead of these.
  3. Hi Jack.. You installed this to our oscommerce store last year. I´m getting this php notice: [30-Sep-2013 23:29:35] PHP Notice: Undefined index: description inl/includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 50 [30-Sep-2013 23:29:35] PHP Notice: Undefined index: logo in l/includes/functions/header_tags.php on line 52 Running version 3.2.9. can i make this edit without breaking something? the notices is gone if i replace tep_not_null with isset From: if (! tep_not_null($header_tags_array['logo'])) $header_tags_array['logo'] = $pageName . (tep_not_null($tmpTags['def_logo_text']) ? HEADER_TAGS_SEPARATOR_DESCRIPTION . ' ' . $tmpTags['def_logo_text'] : ''); from: if (isset($header_tags_array['logo'])) $header_tags_array['logo'] = $pageName . (tep_not_null($tmpTags['def_logo_text']) ? HEADER_TAGS_SEPARATOR_DESCRIPTION . ' ' . $tmpTags['def_logo_text'] : '');
  4. Why does one want to collect bank account number? (I assume its not credit cards you mean) I mean, what can you do with someone's bank account number?
  5. Is this so simple? How many extra pictures modules are there? Can you export this with one migration module? If you cant catch all the pictures there is a massive job to put it in manually..
  6. A real one page checkout with guest checkout would be competitive... The standard checkout process are making me sick..
  7. Hi Can you make so the loading image are shown a little bit longer?
  8. Hi! Where do you want the box to show? open up column_left.php and put the code in there somewhere between the <?php It depends on what host you have, do you have a cpanel? if, log in there and you can click a link whre it says phpmyadmin, in there uou select your database and press the sql tab and paste in the code and click run.
  9. Installed this. Looks good but it only outputs one level subs. Is it possible to make it show more levels? Can somebody point me in the right direction?
  10. Maybe not reload, but if someone does it i dont want them to fill in all fields again. Im using 1.4. Same if they go to the paymentprocessor and then click cancel to go back to my shop the customer details is gone. There must be some way to save this information in session. Im going to dig in the subject.
  11. hve been searching for almost one hour now, When i have filled in all customer details ( not logged in) and make a page reload all customer details are gone, thats not so good.. If a customer just want to check the shipping cost and enters all fields and then go back and come back to checkout they have to fill out all fields again. In the third one page the say the took this ability away - Why? I tried to check those files out but it didnt work. Thanks for some input to the problem! Regards.
  12. I was thinking of this feature for my admin, but i dont have the knowledge of coding it. Are there anybody else who would want this? Somebody who can do it and we share the cost. send me an pm.
  13. I use jquery 1.5.1 and applied drakos and that did the trick.
  14. lol! Check your version with jquery, i had 1.3.1.js and that was to old i guess, updated jquery and it worked with drakos code! Many thanks drako! really appreciate it!
  15. Yes it works on your site, are you sure the programmer didnt change somewhere else? Maybe its because youre site is hosted on windows server and mine on linux server. I have ultimate seo urls installed i saw you didnt. maybe its something with that to. Its very strange because it use to be explorer that not working :) Somebody else got it working with drakos code? Many thanks for sharing!! I will to if i get it to work.