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  1. ggrant3

    PayPal API Changes - March 25th 2014

    I have been getting these same emails. Does this affect osc sites? Below is a copy of the email ***Please do not disregard this email. Failure to make necessary changes to your PayPal integration may result in an inability to make API calls and/or receive payments through PayPal. PayPal continues to make significant investments and improvements to its infrastructure to improve our performance, scalability and availability to our customers. These improvements sometimes require us to perform necessary site maintenance upgrades. These upgrades sometimes require merchants to make changes to or update their existing integration. Please make sure you are ready for this event by consulting with your technology team or individual(s) responsible for your PayPal integration. What’s happening? Because of a system upgrade, the following API endpoints are being updated: api.paypal.com api-3t.paypal.com svcs.paypal.com When is this happening? This event is scheduled for the following date(s) and time(s): Date: March 25, 2014 Time: 11:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) Why is this happening? We are performing this upgrade to ensure more efficient services for PayPal API users. What do I need to do? Merchants integrated in the following non-standard ways with PayPal’s API calls will be impacted when we update the API endpoints: Merchants calling our APIs with a hardcoded PayPal API endpoint IP address rather than using DNS resolution. See section A below. Merchants using HTTP methods other than GET, POST, DELETE and PUT. See section B below. Merchants using the HTTP 1.0 protocol. See section C below. Merchants whose firewall is configured to allow incoming and/or outgoing traffic from only a specific set of IP addresses will need to reconfigure their integration. See section D below. ***If you are integrated with a partner or a cart, please visit this FAQ for more important information. Action items Your technical team or individual(s) responsible for your PayPal integration will need to examine your current integration and make necessary changes. Below are merchant action items for each of the impacts listed above: Merchants calling our APIs with a hardcoded PayPal API endpoint IP address rather than using DNS resolution Impact to your business: API calls will timeout or the merchant will encounter an internal error from their system Your call to action: Use DNS resolution to access our API endpoints and/or open your firewall to the new IP addresses which will be communicated [*]Merchants using HTTP methods other than GET, POST, DELETE and PUT: Impact to your business: API calls will return HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request or HTTP Error 405 Method not allowed Your call to action: Send the API requests using one of the allowed methods. Heartbeat calls using the HEAD method will not be allowed [*]Merchants using the HTTP 1.0 protocol: Impact to your business: API calls will return HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request Your call to action: Merchants should update their code to HTTP 1.1 and include the Host header in the API request [*]Merchants needing firewall changes to allow new IP addresses: Impact to your business: API calls will error out for merchants whose system responsible for making API calls to PayPal is behind a firewall that uses Access Control List (ACL) rules, and restricts outbound traffic to a limited number of IP addresses. Your call to action: You need to update your firewall ACL to allow outbound access to a new set of IP addresses available here. Test your integration on Sandbox (the IP addresses for Sandbox API endpoints are listed here). To assist with any questions you may have, we have an FAQ available here. For additional details of this event, please refer to this blog. Please note that maintenance events can be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled so it’s important that you review this information periodically. If you have any questions, please contact PayPal Merchant Technical Services by filing a ticket; refer to LIVE API integration change in preparation for March 25. For real time system updates, please go to www.paypal.com/sitestatus. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, PayPal
  2. ggrant3

    Paypal Checkout Express Problem

    I am experiencing the same issue. Anyone know the cause/problem?
  3. ggrant3

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Okay I was playing with this some more today after taking a break to clear my head (and lower my blood pressure) and I found something. While looking at this result on mysite/googlesitemap/index.php Write /mysiteroot/html sitemapproducts.xml Generated Google Product Sitemap Successfully Write /mysiteroot/html sitemapcategories.xml Generated Google Category Sitemap Successfully Write /mysiteroot/html sitemappages.xml Generated Google Pages Sitemap Successfully Write /mysiteroot/html sitemapindex.xml Generated Google Sitemap Index Successfully I noticed that there was no "/" at the end of my site root. So I went into my catalog/includes/configure.php file and added a forward slash to the end of the root info in the define('DIR_FS_CATALOG line. Now when I navigate to the /googlesitemap/index.php on my page and then navigate to the /sitemapindex.xml page I get results showing the current website that I am working with. So apparently that forward slash in the catalog/includes/configure.php file that was missing, still allowed my site to work correctly but screwed with this contribution. BUT I tried the other links also and all of them except sitemapproducts.xml is working correctly. The products page is still bringing up the original sites info. I went into the catalog/sitemapproducts.xml page to check the code (out of curiosity) and it is all showing correctly in there. The code written in the file is correct, but when I copy and paste the path listed on sitemapindex.php for the sitemapproducts.xml page it is wrong. Any ideas? I overwrote the files again hoping to clear out and phantom issues. But I get the same results Could I be missing another forward slash somewhere that is affecting just the sitemapproducts.xml file? I just don't understand why inside the file it is written correctly but it is bringing up stuff from somewhere else.
  4. ggrant3

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I did. But how could it be directing to another store? I setup the cron in my Godaddy account and come to think about it, the entire Godaddy account for this site is completely separate from the other sites' Godaddy account.
  5. ggrant3

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    There is something odd happening then, because I just checked that file (and the admin side to be sure) and it is correct for the new site. Plus if that file was wrong (still setup for the old site) I would have already noticed the problems with the existing links. But the whole site itself is running good, this was just brought to my attention as I was about to submit the xml sitemap to Google and I saw your note (in the instructions) about double checking the links and sure enough there were wrong. Should I just uninstall the contribution and then re-install it. If so, what would the command for uninstalling the database side of things be? I can delete the files fine, but I am clueless when it comes to db commands.
  6. ggrant3

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, I am setting up a new site/store and I was going through the process of this contribution and I noticed that the sitemap xml links for this contribution are linking to the original source site that I used for my new store. But the products are compleltely different and I of course need the links to point to this store. When I go to mystore.com/googlesitemap/index.php it says everything was generated fine but when I copy and paste the individual links: Here is your sitemap index: http://www.mystore.com/sitemapindex.xml Here is your product sitemap: http://www.mystore.com/sitemapproducts.xml Here is your category sitemap: http://www.mystore.com/sitemapcategories.xml It shows results that list links from the original site, not the new current site I am working with. I took a copy of "store A" files to make "store B" (this store) but I changed all references of store A in the db, I have no idea how the sitemap is generating these links to the original store and not the new/current store I am working with. Is there a cache I need to empty somewhere or can I uninstall this contribution and then re-install it to be able to have a clean install?
  7. ggrant3

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I have an issue that I can't figure out and I searched in this topic but didn't find a solution. If I enter text into the "Product Page Sub Text" section it displays on the product page - twice. It will display once below the standard product info and then again further below. But the second time it displays it shows up below the social media links. At first I thought I just pasted the info twice in the box on accident, but then I noticed that the first time is above the social media links and the second time is below the social media links. Any ideas what could be happening here?
  8. ggrant3

    Sitemap SEO

    Would it matter if I am using Information Pages Unlimited? Because that is what I tried and I get errors. Also, the links don't match up with my pages (i.e shipping and privacy pages)
  9. ggrant3

    Sitemap SEO

    Jack, If I added some pages in the information box section and wanted them to show up in the Sitemap, how would I do that.
  10. ggrant3

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Okay. Thanks. I also found my problem. My feed was being "disapproved" because it said the shipping wasn't defined. But it was all setup in my "settings" section of my google merchant account. What I found is there is a checkbox there too, marked "default" it wasn't clicked. So everything should be good again now. But if anyone else has this issue, click the default checkbox.
  11. ggrant3

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Jack, Can you explain how I would setup weight based shipping in the googlefeeder file? I went through and see the area (in the googlefeeder.php file) where it shows options based on type of shipping (like ground, overnight, 2 day, and I can enter in my own values. But I can't figure out how to have it setup with a weight based scale, like I use in osc. For example, up to 1lb $3.40, 1.01 lbs to 3lbs $4.20, 3.01 lbs to 6.0lbs $5.00
  12. ggrant3

    Header Tags SEO

    Sounds good, Thank you. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something or do something wrong.
  13. ggrant3

    Header Tags SEO

    Yes I have both sections setup. It will display the box, but even though I "rename" the box and specify how many links I want and leave "Select all categories", it just shows the box with the title as "Header Tags Silo" and no links.
  14. ggrant3

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, I was wondering if the Silo option is still not functioning in the latest version (for OSC 2.3.x) or if you may have posted a fix in this thread that I missed. I have 2.3.1 and header tags 3.2.8 and the Silo box doesn't rename and doesn't list any links.
  15. ggrant3

    Paypal Website Payments Pro & Express Checkout issue

    Okay finally got this figured out. If anyone has an issue with their Website Payments Pro not working here is what was wrong with mine. Everything on my end was fine, I could process paypal payments (Paypal express) and Website Payments Pro payments in the sandbox. I switched over my configuration settings to my "live" API credentials and I could only process paypal express payments, standard credit card purchases were not processing. After a couple of hours with paypal, one of the tech's noticed that a "toggle switch" on my Paypal account (that I do not have access to) was not set to live. It was something related to my accounts because of the way I have my accounts setup. And even though all my accounts were processed, approved, and activated. Someone failed to flip that switch. The guy I was working with switched that toggle (as he called it) and I ran a test sale and it went through fine. Just goes to show you there can always be some little thing that slows down progress. Thankfully paypal has knowledgeable people that are actually willing to help. I have always been impressed calling them, I didn't expect to get that kind of interest from them.