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  1. Salx

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Great contribution. I've written feed configs for a number of different product comparison sites (which I'll upload to the contrib area once I figure out this issue I'm writing about). The script is timing out and 500'ing. Error log: [sun Aug 15 11:55:36 2010] [warn] mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 31 seconds [sun Aug 15 11:55:36 2010] [error] [client x.x.x.x] Premature end of script headers: feedmachine_auto.php, Now obviously this is because the script time limit is set to 30 seconds, and it's taking longer to process. I have 60,000 products in my database. My host says they will not increase the cap, and that I'll have to change how the script works instead. I'm perfectly capable of changing how the script processes and having it break up the database into chunks. But I thought I'd post here first so the author knows about the issue. Any thoughts on how to prevent timeouts with large databases?
  2. I've been hunting high and low for a quick mod that would do this, to no avail. I've been debating writing my own quick price-change script for this (know a little php. a little.), but I figured I'd hit up the forums first to see if anyone has either a) done this already or B) would like a quick mod to do it. thanks for your time. :)
  3. Great contribution. I'm using it and it works well. Just one quick note on an issue I found. The counts for the number of products in a category is wrong. If you add a product and give it multiple categories, the system will actually count all those categories as individual products. I'm sure this is a quick query fix.