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  1. kiku90

    OSC Socializer v1.0

    Hello all, Demo works perfect. I've installed this great contribution even a few times and I'm getting confused because it doesn't work in my shop. "Share" button seems to appear but when I click on it, it doesn't work at all. Well... it still doesn't work, even on your page :'( I was trying to implement jQuery.noConflict(); but I'm doing something wrong or it also doesn't work on my site. I'm sure that it's all about js conflict because I've got tons of addons. I'm stuck. Any advice, please?
  2. Thank you for quick replying. You are right, I'm using notepad++. Now I've saved the file using adobe dreamweaver and it's working. Best regards!
  3. Hello, thank you for another great contribution. Everything seems to work fine, but situation gets complicated because of special chars in my shop. I have a polish language shop encoded in UTF-8. When I "install" the modification for languages that have Special Characters and save the file in UTF-8 encode I get a warning at the very top of my page: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at C:\xampp\htdocs\sklep\includes\modules\fwr_media_security_pro.php:1) in C:\xampp\htdocs\sklep\includes\functions\sessions.php on line 102 but the search with special char which I inserted in $lang_additions = 'Ż'; works fine. It's just that wired warning. Line 102 in ...\includes\functions\sessions.php: return session_start(); Any advice? Please help.
  4. It looks like "� � � � � � � � �" but when I make it utf8 encode echo('ę ; ó ; ą ; ś ; ł ; ż ; ź ; ć ; ń ;') ( without that free spaces before ';' ) it looks like "ę ó ą ś ł ż ź ć ń". OK, I think I just fixed it. Now I find out that the tabs names being converted (private function convertTabNamesToHTMLEntities()). I have just removed that function from TabMenuSection.php and a few lines below also removed '$convertTabNamesToHTMLEntities = true' and statement if($convertTabNamesToHTMLEntities). I Don't know if there will be any further consequences of doing that :-" but it worked for me. All my special chars in titles of the tabs seems to be ok. Thank you very much for your suggestions.
  5. Thank you for replying. It still doesn't work. Any other advices?
  6. Hello, thanks for the contribution, really great job. I've installed it successfully and almost everything works fine. Almost because: I have a polish language store encoded in UTF8 and I have a problem with special chars like ę ó ą ś ł ż ź ć ń etc. In the content it shows it correctly but in the title of a (for example 3rd) tab it shows something like that (it should be 'Dostępność'): When I encode special chars in utf8 ( ex. ę -> ę ; ) it will show ę ; instead of ę. Please help.
  7. kiku90


    Thank you very much for interest in my problem. I read in description of this addon: " Products can be bought as normal even if auctioned " So it is not my mistake and the contribution works perfect. If you would be so kind ( and have a free time and willingness :) ), please post, is it possible that products on auctions can't be bought as normal? If it is, where do I have to make changes to the code? Or the hard way - is it possible to choose which products can be bought as normal even if auctioned and which can't be bought as normal because auctioned :blush: Once again thank you for replying ;)
  8. kiku90


    Hello, fantastic contribution, I have osc 2.2 rc2 with tons of addons and I'm really impressed because AuctionTastic works with them really great. I had some problems with Total B2B addon and the "missing argument 3..." in display_price but I think I fixed it by putting $products_id in every occurrence of $currencies->display_price in AuctionTastic files. Also had problems with fatal error "call to undefined function calculate_price..." but I found the solution in this topic (adding to includes/classes/currencies.php function calculate_price). Everything works so f great I just cant' believe it :lol: BUT I'm confused about one thing and I don't know am I doing something wrong or I misunderstood the purpose of this contrib :blink: An exemple: I have demo product lets say title "A Bug's life" (quantity 1). I'm putting it on an auction and now: when I click on an "auction products" (link under categories tree menu) it shows me the auction of product "A Bug's life", when I click on it, it shows product page with description and informations about auction (without an add to cart button) - ok that's fine, but when I click on a category DVD Movies->Cartoons and then on a title "A Bug's life" it will not show me the product on an auction but a product with a standard description and add to cart button - that's not fine. Notice that I have qty = 1, so if customer will find the product by going through DVD Movies->Cartoons->A Bug's life it will do the mess. I guess that something could be wrong in products_info.php but I have no idea what. Hope I described by problem well. Any help, please? I would be thankful for an advice.
  9. kiku90

    manufacturer2 2.0

    Hello all, first I would like to say thanks for a really great contribution! I installed it without any problems and I added, on a basic of code manufacturers2, a similar table "authors" authors.php... etc and it worked. To the point: I'm just wondering how to change a pull down menu in box manufacturers2.php and in advanced_search.php to an input field so the customer could write name of a manufacturer2 (or author in my case) and it would show the results page? Is it possible? My knowledge about sql an php is limited to "copy & paste" so any advices will be welcome :) Thank you for any advice, very sorry for my english, I'm not sure if I described my problem correctly... :(