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  1. xoxx

    Header Tags SEO

    wow this cannot be good. no offence, im hoping its just your server and not the scripts. Change your passwords. scan all of your files for irregular date changes.
  2. xoxx

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, First off great add ons! I can get header tags seo to work to every page I add it to except the individual products. There were a bunch of "replace" options that didn't even exist in my files so I didn't know where to put the code. What files need to be fixed to get the products to work? Where do I put the code if I have nowhere to replace anything? Thanks
  3. xoxx

    Header Tags SEO

    My article url looks like this: http://www.domain.com/this-is-my-added-article-i-13.html I have tried adding all of these possible things and none of them do anything: this-is-my-added-article-i-13.html this-is-my-added-article-i-13 /this-is-my-added-article-i-13.html www.domain.com/this-is-my-added-article-i-13.html domain.com/this-is-my-added-article-i-13.html article.php?articles_id=13 Did I install it incorrectly, or am I just doing something fundamentally wrong? Thanks!
  4. xoxx

    Header Tags SEO

    I cannot add my information pages created to header tags seo, any help please? Thanks!
  5. I do jewlery repair and people ship there item to me, But I want to add options to my shipping such as -they ship it to me (0.00) -i email them a pre-paid lable (5.99) -I mail them a pre-paid retun box (12.99) -I mail them a pre-paid return box and will overnight there product to them when the service is complete (29.99) -etc.. So Its kinda a strange situation, how do I go about doing these things? What are my best options?? thanks all help appreciated!!